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   Chapter 1403 Who Is Cursing Me

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Meanwhile, a raging growl resounded through the air from another world.

This was a world totally different from Prime Martial World--Demon Abyss World.

It was vast and fathomless, and the sky was blanketed over by dark and heavy clouds.

Eerie and wailing voices that sound like howling wolves could be heard all year around.

Numerous demon races call this boundless world their home, one of them was Heaven Claimer tribe.

Inside Heaven Claimer tribe, there was a grand palace that pierced into the sky, which was where the raging and ominous growl came from.

All the demon race were panicking because they all knew that their leader, Black Terminator the Demon Emperor, was extremely furious.

Deep in the palace, a tall man's face was dripping with pure and dark evil aura. Standing in the furthest part of the palace, his strong body looked quite intimidating.


Damn it! Damn it! We've lost!

We, the greatest Heaven Claimer tribe, failed to invade an inferior world!

And the four space-time transmission channels that we built for several hundred years were destroyed! This is totally unforgivable!

Somebody must pay for this!''

His roar was so powerful that it reverberated in all directions, making the palace's foundations shudder.

''I was supposed to enter the Prime Martial World using the space-time transmission channel a month ago.

But that bastard destroyed the channel while I was still in there, and I almost got killed! How dare him!

And now, finally I've figured out who that damn guy is!


A human, Austin.

A puny human foiled our plan of invading Prime Martial World and ruined our four valuable space-time transmission channels.

You possess such audacity, Austin!

I won't forgive you, Austin. I will make you pay dearly for making a fool out of me.

It won't be long until I find you and eviscerate you with my bare hands.''

Black Terminator, the Demon Emperor, was the chief commander of the Heaven Claimer tribe. Austin would soon find out that he had a formidable nemesis he has to face.

Back in the Prime Martial World, Austin was deep in thought.

He was sitting i

ely determine what was going on in her mind.

But Austin was none the wiser when it came to the queen's thoughts and feelings. He was totally immersed in making a breakthrough.

Three days later, massive dark clouds began to gather in the sky, blocking the sun and smothering the entire area in utter darkness.

The entire land was then bombarded by thunder and lightning as an electric storm raged overhead.


What happened?

Did Thunderstroke Doom descend because of Austin's breakthrough?''

Attracted by the view, the queen, who silently guarded Austin outside the valley, looked up into the sky in sheer amazement.

Generally speaking, there was a chance to trigger Thunderstroke Doom whenever a warrior entered the Primal Holy Realm.

But that was just a possibility instead of an absolute certainty.

A warrior's ability to trigger Thunderstroke Doom was connected to their talents.

A warrior with exceptional talents would normally trigger Thunderstroke Doom as he made a breakthrough.

On the other hand, Thunderstroke Doom wouldn't appear at all for warriors that possess only menial talents.

But now, the appearance of Thunderstroke Doom assured only one thing - Austin's talents were indeed exceptional.

Austin suddenly looked up into sky.

His eyes stared at the electric light tightly with much anticipation.

And he murmured, ''Thunderstroke Doom? Come on. Fiercer! Stronger! Come on!''

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