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   Chapter 1402 Everything Is Back To Normal

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The three Semi-emperor Realm masters from another three continents discussed with one another through their spiritual senses.

Moments later, they had reached an agreement.

"Tierry, if Commander Austin can forgive our rudeness and agree to send troops to help us against demons, we will each give him eighty million divine vital energy crystal and apologize to him in person.

Please make sure this proposition reaches him,"

the elder from the East Continent said after taking a deep breath.

The brawny man from the North Continent and the elder from the West Continent nodded their heads even though they were reluctant to give so many crystals to Austin.

After agreeing to the plan, the three masters of the Semi-emperor Realm shrugged, their consciences filled with remorse.

'If we had been nice to Austin, things wouldn't have ended up this way.

Now we have to give him so many divine vital energy crystals to persuade him to help drive the demons away.'

Austin's master Godwin watched the three cultivators, gloating over their misfortune inwardly.

'You deserve this. How dare you look down upon my disciple?'

Julius and Peter stood next to Godwin. 'This brat is so cunning. Now he will get another 240, 000, 000 divine vital energy crystals, ' they thought with envy.

"I see. I will report this to Commander Austin,"

Tierry responded.

He then filled Austin in on the three Semi-emperor Realm masters' offer through his spiritual sense.

Austin was residing in the mountain when Tierry informed him of the Semi-emperor Realm masters' proposition.

Upon hearing the report, Austin's lips curved into a mischievous smirk.

"What? The three of them are willing to give me eighty million divine vital energy crystals each just to ask for my forgiveness?

Even if they didn't offer to pay me, I'll send troops to help them.

If the demon race has dominion over the other three continents, we will be in danger too.

I'm not a short-sighted, selfish guy,"

Austin murmured.

If three masters of the Semi-emperor Realm had heard what Austin muttered, they would have been kicking themselves for offering such a large sum for his help.

After all, they wouldn't have to turn in eighty million divine vital energy crystals.

"I see. I'll let it go. Let them in. We are going to work out a plan on how to assist them,"

Austin said to Tierry through his spiritual sense.

Tierry informed the thre

ustin led his forces out of the North Continent.

Hundreds of thousands of cultivators from the North Continent had joined him to fight against the demon race.

After taking back and liberating the North Continent, Austin was commanding approximately two million cultivators.

Austin's army arrived to the East Continent after marching for twelve days.

Most of the East Continent had been occupied by the demon race by then.

The East Continent was the most powerful one among the four continents of the Prime Martial World.

This was why the Heaven Claimer had sent their strongest legion here, and their legion vastly outnumbered the other three armies from the other three continents.

Austin's army was close to two million, and over one hundred members were Semi-emperor Realm masters.

Meanwhile, the East Continent's army consisted of more than one million cultivators.

Therefore, the human cultivators had the upper hand in their battle against the demon race.

The war lasted more than a month. In the end, all the demons in the East Continent met their demise.

Austin destroyed the space teleportation tunnel the Heaven Claimer constructed in the East Continent.

Following the destruction of the space teleportation tunnel, all the demons in the Prime Martial World had also been annihilated.

News of the human cultivators' victory against the demon race spread quickly throughout the land. All the people in the Prime Martial World including cultivators and normal civilians were much relieved.

The nightmare the demons had brought them had come to an end.

Everything was back to normal.

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