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   Chapter 1401 Commander Austin Loves Divine Vital Energy Crystals

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Updated: 2019-11-25 17:27

Just as the palm made of vital energy was about to hit its target, Austin vanished into thin air.


A familiar shadow appeared out of nowhere.

Then something roared in the surrounding air.

A loud slap was heard, and they looked around them searching for it.

The young man clothed in yellow was thrown a few hundred meters away before falling soundly to the ground.

Austin stood confidently in his place.

"What's going on?" a dozen of cultivators from three other continents murmured among themselves.

They were taken aback by the scene.

Austin activated the Diabolic Flashing Skill, so he could move beside the young man in a flash and surprise him with a slap.

The Diabolic Flashing Skill enabled Austin to reach somewhere fifty to sixty kilometers in just the blink of an eye. Hence, the young man could not react in time to defend himself and it was too late when he noticed that Austin was beside him.

Ever since Austin practiced the Golden Sun Scripture, the vital energy that was inside his body was much more powerful than that of the cultivators who were at the same level as he was.

Even if the cultivation base of the young man who wore yellow clothes was of a higher level, Austin's vital energy force was much stronger than his.

With his current strength, Austin could put down a Semi-emperor Realm master in a heartbeat. In terms of practical battle experience, martial arts perception or insights, Austin was far more superior to the youngster in yellow.

It was very easy for Austin to defeat the young man using no martial skills.

"What an interesting guy!"

The elder from the East Continent became curious in Austin as his eyes fell upon him.

"Shit. I was not prepared for that, you brat.

I will kill you!" The young man in yellow who was still several meters away was fuming mad.

He got up and rushed towards Austin at full speed as he let his anger get the better of him.

"Do not do anything stupid!"

the elder from the East Continent shouted at the young man in yellow.

He could tell Austin was far stronger than his disciple.

Not wanting to defy his master, the young man in yellow stopped at once


Tierry shook his head, telling the elder that he had no idea.

The cultivators from the North Continent and the West Continent had recovered from their shock at this time.

They were convinced that Austin was in charge of the Southern Alliances Army.

A powerful looking man from the North Continent and an elder from West Continent made their way to Tierry and begged him to tell them how they could change Austin's mind.

"I think...

Perhaps this might work."

An idea came to Tierry's mind.

"What is it?" the elder from the East Continent asked as his face lit up.

The man from the North Continent and the elder from the West Continent both cheered up.

"Commander Austin is fond of divine vital energy crystals. If you will give him enough divine vital energy crystals, maybe, he will change his mind,"

Tierry replied.

It was well known that Austin previously made a deal with those sects and clans from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. He used to have a problem with them.

He traded the survival of the people on those sects and clans for six hundred million divine vital energy crystals in total.

'Offering him divine vital energy crystals in return?'

The three masters at the Semi-emperor Realm looked at each other. They were angered by the idea.

'Are you fucking kidding us? Divine vital energy crystals are so precious, who wouldn't like them?

You're obviously trying to rob us, ' they thought.

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