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   Chapter 1400 Cultivators From The Other Three Continents

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A day had quickly lapsed.

As soon as Austin reached the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, he immediately headed for the place where Master Li lived. That area was surrounded by several mountains, making it quite strenuous to locate.

Approximately an hour after, the mountains came into his view.

He put away his Dragon and Phoenix Chariot and flew straight to those landforms using his bodily movement skill.


Why are these people still here?' Austin suddenly thought upon employing his spiritual sense to survey the area.

Surprised, he found that those mountains were thronged with cultivators and flags were fluttering everywhere. The whole place was undeniably lively.

Those cultivators, who were more than eight hundred thousand in number, were the soldiers of the Southern Alliances Army.

Among them were dozens of valiant and imposing figures standing on the peak of the very mountain where he was heading. They were a group of prominent cultivators, all at the Semi-emperor Realm.

Austin felt quite strange to unexpectedly see them there and began to wonder what was happening here.

Why are they still here? All the troops of the demon race in the South Continent had already been annihilated.

There was no need for the army to exist anymore, more so to show themselves here now that peace had been re-established.

Besides that, he recalled that he had discussed with those cultivators at the Semi-emperor Realm about the management problem of the South Alliances Army.

They all agreed on the dissolution of the army after the annihilation of those villainous invaders in the South Continent, since there was no other purpose for the said military alliance to stay intact.

And since the army would be dissolved by then, those troops need not be here.

Austin remained puzzled, not knowing the reason of their presence in the area.

"Commander Austin is back!"

Just as when Austin was approaching the mountain peak through his bodily movement skill, a series of surprised and expectant voices resounded from the said area.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A couple of imposing figures, one after another, rushed to welcome Austin who had just arrived.

Those figures belonged to the thirty to forty prominent cultivators at the Semi-emperor Realm and the soldiers of the Southern Alliances Army. Godwin, Julius, and Peter were also among the others to flock before Austin.

Besides them, Austin spotted several strangers, more than ten in number.

But they were clearly not members of the Southern Alliances Army.

They were powerful cultivators, with some of them at the Semi-emperor Realm and others at the Holy Realm.


Is this young man Commander Austin, the one whom you've mentioned a lot?"

a shriveled old man dressed in a gray top and a loose robe asked. His haughty and satirical eyes stared at Austin as he spoke. Austin hadn't figured out what happened here yet.

Studying Austin in the eye, the shriveled old man looked confused and disappointed.

"Ha-ha, yes. Austin is indeed the director general of our Southern Alliances Army,"

Tierry, the sect chief of the Heavens Sect from the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom, replied to the shriveled old man after dashing forward to Austin's side.

"Austin, let me introduce to you our fellows from other continents of the Prime Martial World,"

Tierry said to Austin.

'Fellows from other continents?'

Austin thought to

eneral can be.

One fight is enough to clear up all our doubts."

All of a sudden, a young man in yellow at the medium stage of Primal Holy Realm, around twenty-five years old, came out from the crowd and bravely offered. He stared at Austin with utmost disdain.

"Well, I think that's a great idea.

I also want to see what extraordinary abilities he has to make him worthy of such a high position despite his young age,"

the shriveled old man from the East Continent agreed with a nod, his eyes flashing a trace of mockery while a sly smile slowly crept on his lips.

Apparently from his mocking tone, he insisted that Austin was used to fool him, under the command of those prominent cultivators of the army.

Therefore, he purposefully sent out his disciple to castigate Austin.

"Let's get it started!"

the young man in yellow said with his hands clasped into clenched fists. A flood of vital energy force suddenly burst out from his body before Austin could even replied to his call.


The vital energy force exuding from his body rounded up into a massive palm and aimed at Austin, ready to launch his first attack.

The young man in yellow thought that Austin was merely an ordinary cultivator at the premium stage of Heaven Realm. Thus, he planned to defeat Austin by using no martial skills and only his vital energy force instead.

Seeing the young man in yellow, who was quite full of himself, challenge Austin, those prominent cultivators at the Semi-emperor Realm from the South Continent tried very hard to suppress their laughter. It was rather funny to watch what the young fellow was getting himself into.

They all thought it was ridiculous for this man to challenge Austin since he was capable of defeating a prominent cultivator at the Semi-emperor Realm within a short time, let alone this man, who was merely at the Primal Holy Realm.

'What?' the shriveled old man from the East Continent thought in shock.

When he saw his disciple, the young man in yellow, got ready to battle against Austin, he also found the odd smiles on the faces of those prominent cultivators from the South Continent. Hence, he started to doubt his previous opinion of Austin.

He wondered, 'Is it possible that this young man actually has exceptional prowess?'

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