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   Chapter 1399 Unexpectedly Became People's God

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8135

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Austin entered the spatial teleportation channel. When he had crossed around fifty meters, he came to a standstill.

He closed his eyes and felt the place quietly.

A series of spatial powers seemed to have wrapped around Austin's body.

Austin felt that the close contact of such a kind was indeed very helpful.

He also realized that he had gained some good experience.

His understanding of spatial power became deeper and more profound.

Another ten days passed.

In the spatial teleportation channel, Austin had been feeling and taking in the spatial power.

Suddenly he opened his eyes.

'Well, it is time to leave this place!'

Austin thought and rushed out through the exit of the channel.

"Boy, you finally came out!"

Outside the channel, the gnome seemed to have stopped taking in the spatial power a long time ago. He had been bored as he kept waiting for Austin.

"Well, it has been a month now. Do you have some knowledge and experience about the spatial power?"

The gnome was curious to know. He wondered to what extent Austin had possessed the spatial power.

"Gnome, could you teleport me a few times now? I want to experience it again."

Austin did not answer the gnome's question directly. Rather he wanted the gnome to help him check out his powers.

"You want me to teleport you several times?"

The gnome was a little surprised at Austin's request.

"All right!"

The gnome nodded when he saw Austin shake his head.

The gnome had teleported with Austin and Violet using his Space Teleportation several times before.

With a wave of his paw, the gnome sent out spatial power.

Near the place where the gnome stood, the space slightly vibrated and twisted, as if there were ripples in a lake.

Then, the gnome took Austin through space into a spatial channel. They disappeared from the space of the real world.

After traveling about 1500 meters in the spatial channel, the gnome took Austin out of the spatial channel. They came back to the space of the real world.

The gnome took Austin into spatial channels five times, using Space Teleportation.

During the process, Austin had been observing every action of the gnome very keenly.

He carefully observed how the gnome used and manipulated the spatial power.

After being teleported five times by the gnome, Austin spoke up.

"Okay, it is enough!"

He asked the gnome to stop.

"Well, boy, what hav

Austin wondered as he decided to go down and check it out. He quickly put away the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot in his Space Ring.

He changed his appearance by using the Appearance-transforming Clothes and looked like an ordinary middle-aged man. Then, he went down to the city below, using the bodily movement skill.

Soon, Austin landed on the street of the city.

It was a lively atmosphere on the street. Everyone present was in a joyous mood.

On inquiring about the reason of their joys and celebrations, Austin got absurd answers.

The news that Austin led the Southern Alliances Army into the headquarters of the Heaven Palace and killed all the demons had spread throughout the entire South Continent.

During this period of time, Austin's name had spread throughout the South Continent. Not only the cultivators, but also the ordinary people came to know about his achievements.

Moreover, some ordinary people even began to state that Austin was a god and had come to save the South Continent.

As time passed, many ordinary people also began to enshrine Austin's portraits.

It became more surprising to see that a few people even built temples for Austin!

On hearing all this in the city, Austin was dumbfounded by the absurd ideas of the ordinary people.

"Boy, I am still alive! Why has everyone started worshiping me?"

Austin was upset and left the place quickly.

In his heart, Austin decided that he would keep a much lower profile henceforth. He wanted to be recognized for his achievements, but worshiping him and calling him god was something he could not come to grips with.

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