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   Chapter 1398 Cultivation

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Godwin was in deep thought as Austin briefly explained to him the current situation.

His eyes widened in shock after hearing what Austin intended to do: comprehend and grasp insights to the spatial force. As a senior warrior, he was very experienced in the practice of martial arts and he knew just how difficult this thing Austin was going to set out to do.

Although he was quite worried, he still encouraged and gave him some words of wisdom. He didn't ask Austin further questions about his intention or knowledge of the spatial force.

Austin was very determined in doing this. He followed the gnome and headed towards the space tunnel. They stopped when they were about twenty meters away from the entrance.

The gnome looked at Austin and said, "Well, let's stop here. It's unnecessary to get nearer.

Listen carefully what you need to do: just launch your spiritual sense and use it to sense the spatial force. Make sure that you concentrate because you need to sense every change of it.

I will give you some tips that I have learned in comprehending and interpreting the spatial force and I will transmit them into your Soul Sea. You can use it as a reference when you try to understand the spatial force on your own.

Now, if you will ask me whether or not you will get some insights of the spatial force, I think in the end, it will all depend on your talent."

He started his transmission while he spoke these words to Austin.

Through his spiritual sense, he focused and transmitted the information into Austin's Soul Sea.

All the information was about the knowledge and interpretation in the field of spatial force.

After the gnome finished the transmission, he stopped talking to Austin and fell into silence. He launched his beast soul energy towards the entrance of the space tunnel and started to sense the spatial force.

The whole area fell into a deep silence. Austin also sat down. He then crossed his legs and closed his eyes. As his mind concentrated and his energy rallied, he suspended himself in the air in a meditative position.

He looked at the information transmitted by the gnome into his Soul Sea and tried to remember as much of it as he could.

It was quite difficult as some of the information about the spatial force was so incomprehensible and incredibly hard to understand.

Some of its concepts were too abstruse and abstract that there were no such things to refer to in this world.

It took Austin quite a lot of time and energy to grasp and remember all those information and concepts.

Austin was a tough guy by nature. He never surrendered on anything, and something like this was nothing to him.

Time passed by slowly as Austin immersed himself in this tough task.

He was very busy as he tried to decipher all the incomprehensible information about the spatial force in his Soul Sea transmitted by the gnome.

Austin was not in a hurry to launch his spiritual sense in the space tunnel to sense the spatial force. He wanted to make sure that he comprehended all the information first.

The gnome was amazed at Austin's perseverance. 'Austin is still learning the tips about spatial force that I have transmitted into his Soul Sea. He is prudent and knows how to master a thing step by step. That's good of him!' though

confident smile at the gnome.

Without personally entering the space tunnel, the spiritual sense was the only way for a warrior to sense the situation inside the space tunnel. Although the spiritual sense was useful, it was still incomparable with personal experience.

For a warrior to have the first-hand experience about the spatial force, he must enter into the space tunnel and feel the spatial force in person.

After his over twenty days of meditation, Austin was able to form his understanding of the spatial force.

He was not satisfied with the knowledge that he acquired through meditation. He wanted to get in touch with the power of the space and experience it at a closer distance.

That was the reason why Austin wanted to walk into the space tunnel.

He briefly explained his thought to the gnome. Then he turned his back and walked further into the space tunnel. He groped his way forward inch by inch and with great cautiousness.

"That lad... He is not scared of anything when it comes to the affairs of martial arts!"

The gnome smiled bitterly and shook his head as he watched Austin's back go deeper into the tunnel.

His eyes widened as a sudden thought crossed his mind.

"Does that mean... Austin has really grasped some insights to the spatial force?

Austin... is indeed a talented guy for martial arts!"

It took the gnome quite a long time before he was able to realize this very important thing. A big bitter smile then emerged at the corner of his lips.

Austin was now at the core vicinity of the space tunnel.

He suddenly felt a strange power. It rushed towards him from every direction like an overwhelming wave.

The force of the power!

Austin felt excited.

As he went further inside the space tunnel, he vividly felt the mighty and tremendous spatial force.

He was about fifty or sixty meters into the space tunnel when he halted his tracks. He suddenly felt afraid to move forward.

Austin went immobile after he had sensed a great danger ahead. The space was distorted and warped in chaos. Its distortion was caused by violent forces, and it could ruin everything in the world as it filled every corner of the space tunnel.

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