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   Chapter 1397 The Spatial Force

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Furthermore, if Austin had not killed remaining the demon race invaders in the South Continent apart from the three demon semi-emperors, trouble would have brewed in the Prime Martial World sooner or later.

Once he had annihilated those villains, Austin wasted no time exiting the square.

Meanwhile, the Demon-sacrificing Hellfire was still burning fiercely inside the square, with no clear sign of being put out any time soon.

However, the lingering question about whether or not the Hellfire would disappear was not worthy of consideration anymore.

"Ha-ha, all right then. Everybody listen. Right now, we are situated in the world beneath the sands, the sect headquarters of the Heaven Palace.

The power and wealth of the Heaven Palace far exceeds those of any first-class sect in the South Continent of the Prime Martial World.

So I suggest that, in the next moment, all of you search the entirety of this headquarters and find something valuable for yourselves,"

Austin said in a loud voice.

Now that the combat was over, it was time for the warriors of the Southern Alliances Army to do something fun and relaxing.


Let's go for a treasure hunt!"

most warriors of the Southern Alliances Army replied loudly in unison before immediately spreading out to look for treasures.

They could barely wait to try their luck in the treasure hunt and see whether they would be able to find something valuable in the sect headquarters of the Heaven Palace.

The rest of the Southern Alliances Army, up to thirty to forty prominent human cultivators at the Semi-emperor Realm, slowly formed a crowd around Austin.

"Ha-ha, Commander Austin. I, Tierry, seldom admire anyone, but today, I have developed the greatest respect for you!"

a dignified, tall and stalwart man with a full forehead said as he let out a delighted laugh the moment he approached Austin.

This man, called Tierry, was the sect chief of the Heavens Sect in the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom. He was at the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

It was he who nominated Austin to be the director general of the Southern Alliances Army before.

"Ha-ha-ha. Commander Austin, it is such a privilege to have you as our director general. I feel grateful that I strongly backed you for this position.

Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to confront all those enemies today, since most of our fighters are just average cultivators,"

Tierry said in a slightly proud tone.

In that moment, he swore to himself that he would stand by Austin's side and remain his ally for the rest of his life.

He swore that he would never make an enemy of Austin.

Above all else, it was Austin's terrifyingly formidable power that held him in awe.

Aside from Tierry, the rest of the prominent human cultivators at the Semi-emperor Realm all praised Austin for his excellence as well.

They all gathered closer to Austin in an effort to be friends with him.

Right next to Austin was the queen who had been standing right beside him the whole time.

Everyone knew very well that this beautiful woman from the evil shadow race wearing a royal at

ng what the gnome said.

Afterwards, Austin excused himself, immediately putting an end to his conversation with the human cultivators at the Semi-emperor Realm.

Then, through his spiritual sense, he informed the queen of his plan and asked her to wait for him in front of the square.

After that, Austin immediately released and activated three kinds of Unearthly Fire to protect himself. And once he was under such protection, he utilized his bodily movement skill and headed for the space-time teleportation passage high above the square.

As soon as Austin entered the vicinity of the square, the Demon-sacrificing Hellfire began surging toward the sky to attack him.

However, the three kinds of Unearthly Fire around Austin immediately defended him from it.

In no more than the blink of an eye, the three kinds of Unearthly Fire, each with a different color, had already repelled all of the attacks of the Demon-sacrificing Hellfire.

Shortly after that, Austin once again reached the area near the exit of the space-time teleportation passage.


The gnome exited the Illusion Bead and appeared next to Austin.

"All right. Austin, let's get closer to the exit.

Don't forget that you have previously destroyed the stability of the space within.

So when we approach the passage exit, we must be very cautious and remember to keep a distance from it. Otherwise, the fierce spatial turbulence will easily drag us into the void for an infinite amount of time,"

the gnome reminded Austin before he set off for the passage exit first.

Austin immediately followed the gnome's lead with a mixture of caution and excitement.

Meanwhile, the human cultivators at the Semi-emperor Realm found it strange that Austin was following the gnome's lead towards the exit of the space-time passage.

But, of course, they knew it would be rather impolite to ask Austin his reasons for doing so.

"Austin, what exactly are you going to do?"

Godwin asked Austin through his spiritual sense. He was the only one who dared to ask Austin why he was doing such a thing.

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