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   Chapter 1396 It Was All Over

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A roar filled with rage came from the transmission tunnel. It was easy to tell that the Demon Emperor panicked as he realized that Austin was destroying the tunnel. A smirk cracked in Austin's mouth.

"Huh! Black Terminator? Demon Emperor? I don't think you are able to get through the tunnel that easily!"

Austin didn't feel intimidated by the roar on the other side of the passage. Instead, he picked up the pace to destroy the tunnel.

Dozens of sword-lights rushed into the transmission tunnel, each containing Austin's powerful killing intent.

As Austin brandished the Ancient Dragon Sword, white dragons began to come out of the blade, adorned with the sword-light of the Ancient Dragon Sword. The white dragons roared and flew into the tunnel one after the other.

Austin had been performing his best to activate the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship and brandish the Ancient Dragon Sword at the same time.

The space in the transmission tunnel began to fluctuate and collapse on itself because of Austin's fierce attacks. Soon enough, the tunnel became so unstable that explosions could be heard inside it.

With the erratic energy blowing up inside the tunnel, some of the immense explosions blasted fierce waves out of the tunnel and onto the other side.

"Oh Shit! The tunnel has become so unstable!" the Demon Emperor shouted with anger.

He couldn't believe that someone was really able to destroy the tunnel by his sheer will and skills alone.

"Damn you bastard! How dare you! Who the hell are you?" the Demon Emperor roared.

"I'll never let you off the hook that easy, you bastard!"

Austin's attempts of destroying the tunnel had enraged the Demon Emperor.

From the volume of the shout, it seemed that the Demon Emperor was extremely pissed off and was raring to annihilate Austin.

Even though they only could hear the Demon Emperor's voice, everyone present, including the demons, could feel the anger and hatred from that blood-curdling shout.

"Oh no! He is trying to destroy the tunnel! You bastard!" the leader of demon semi-emperors was panicked upon realizing what Austin had done with all his skills.

"We need to stop him from destroying the tunnel! Everyone go and stop that filthy human at all costs!" he ordered.

The thought of losing the battle weighed heavily on the leader. This made him more desperate and flustered as he commanded his forces towards Austin.

Beads of sweat were profusely dripping down the leader's brow. Rallying his forces, he ran towards Austin with the other two demon semi-emperors and the rest of the demon soldiers.

However, the remaining demon army only numbered in the tens of thousands. All of the demon s

out a smile.

"Okay then, it's time to deal with you now," Austin remarked as he turned his attention to the demons.

His eyes while looking at the demons evoked an immense killing intent that would send shivers to anyone who saw it.

Before anyone could reply, Austin was already rushing towards the remaining demon forces.

"Go to hell!" he shouted.

A roar filled the space of the square.


He executed the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship skill onto the hapless demon soldiers.


Afterwards, Austin unsheathed the Ancient Dragon Sword, summoning the white dragons which roared and flew towards the demons.

The demons, including the demon semi-emperors, had lost their fighting spirit already and had practically given up.

A few moments later, Austin dealt the decisive blow. Finally, the battle was over.

The three demon semi-emperors were badly injured by Austin. Their wounds seem to be fatal.

However, Austin transferred them into the City instead of killing them.

He didn't kill them because he wanted to obtain the demonic skills they practiced.

Except these three demon semi-emperors, Austin slaughtered all the remaining enemies, including the demons and the human warriors from the Heaven Palace. No one was spared.

Austin wasn't a ruthless or merciless killer.

However, the battle itself was brutal. He couldn't let go of any enemies, especially the likes of the demons.

The demon race had conquered almost fifty countries after they intruded the South Continent, and they were responsible for the deaths of countless human warriors.

They would kill everyone in the country if the humans tried to fight back.

Hence, Austin showed no mercy towards the demon race and he would never spare any demon who were part of the war.

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