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   Chapter 1395 Who The Hell Are You

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More than eight hundred thousand cultivators of the Southern Alliances Army did all they could to quell the raging Demon-sacrificing Hellfire incessantly. After a considerable amount of effort, the burning flame was slowly losing its strength.

The power it contained in its blaze was beginning to weaken from the endeavor.

"It's working!

Come on, guys, keep putting the damn fire out! Once we have smothered the flame, we can go join Commander Austin and help him defeat our enemies,"

Godwin exclaimed in excitement as he could sense that the Demon-sacrificing Hellfire's blaze was slowly waning.

He was becoming more and more flustered as he saw Austin being attacked by over two hundred thousand demons and human cultivators in the far distance. Godwin knew that Austin needed help as quickly as he could.

The queen was also worried about Austin. She kept infusing her evil energy into the magic fan and used it to hit the fire which enveloped the square.

At this point, Austin kept using the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship above the square.

"Go away!"

he shouted.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

Streaks of sword-light shot towards the demons and cultivators of the Heaven Palace, immediately destroying them.

Austin hurriedly rushed towards the space teleportation passage several hundred meters above the ground.

Legions of soldiers from the demon race and warriors of the Heaven Palace charged at Austin.

Even though they knew that Austin would strike them down easily, they kept rushing towards him. Their minds seemingly decided that they would give up their lives to impede Austin from claiming victory as best as they could.

"What? You annoying boy.

I'm going to end you here, right now."

The ten demon semi-emperor were in striking distance from Austin and displayed their best demonic skills to attack him.

However, their combined might was not enough to best Austin.

The Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship Austin had learnt was way too powerful. Each time he activated this skill, he could take out several thousand enemies in an instant.

Austin then drew out the Ancient Dragon Sword.

Upon waving the blade, it suddenly transformed into a huge white dragon and tore the charging demons and cultivators of the Heaven Palace apart.

Countless number of fallen enemies littered the battlefield. This was an amazing display of Austin's power as he had not yet even summoned his demonic avatar to help him strike down

t's why we had to call for backup and got our lord here.

He is now joining our cause. You don't stand the chance against us now," he said victoriously.

He glared at Austin with spite and hatred in his eyes.

"Damn it! What should I do? Am I going to wait and see Black Terminator the Demon Emperor reach this plane?"

Austin said, at a loss for words while he was trying to process what's happening in front of him.


Wake up, Austin. What are you waiting for?

Do it quickly.

This passage connects two worlds.

Although Black Terminator the Demon Emperor is on his way, he's still sauntering and has not crossed the passage yet.

You need to destroy the entrance of the passage as soon as possible. That way, that powerful demon won't be able to set foot on this world,"

the gnome howled at Austin though his spiritual sense.

'I see.'

Austin pulled himself together after hearing his words.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

He kept executing the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship skill to attack the entrance of the passage.

Streaks of misty sword-light dashed towards the passage's cracks.

Austin then transported his vital energy to the Ancient Dragon Sword.

White dragons emerged from the Ancient Dragon Sword which then began hitting the entrance with loud noises.

Austin pull all out the stops in a bid to destroy the passage.

"Boom! Boom!"

Loud explosions came from the other end of the passage.


What's going on?

Who the hell are you? How dare you try to destroy the passage?"

The furious growl resounded again from the passage.

A trace of panic reflected in the voice.

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