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   Chapter 1394 Fighting The Enemies Alone

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In the blink of an eye, Austin was in the sea of fire.

The burning flames darted at Austin from different directions. They surrounded him totally.

It seemed like they were intelligent creatures and were able to identify their target and devour him.

They moved around swiftly, and kept releasing formidable power as if nothing could stop them.

All the members of the Southern Alliances Army stared at Austin nervously.

They tried hard to attack the Demon-sacrificing Hellfire from afar as per Austin's order and prevent it from getting closer to Austin.

The situation got tenser as the flames were approaching faster.

When the flames were quite close, the three balls of Unearthly Fire emitted different waves.

The three waves were a scarlet scorching fire wave, a chilly black fire wave and a rolling indigo fire wave. They worked together to pounce at the flames of the Demon-sacrificing Hellfire. Each fire wave released a terrifying power.

Suddenly the scenario changed.

The flames of the Demon-sacrificing Hellfire retreated as the three waves blocked the way. It withdrew as if it had met its natural enemies.

'I was right!

With the three kinds of Unearthly Fire, the Demon-sacrificing Hellfire couldn't even get close to me. Hurting me is a far off thing for it!' Austin thought with relief.

Austin stepped forward safe and unhurt.

Realizing that the three kinds of Unearthly Fire could protect him, he quickened his pace and had no apprehensions anymore.

After a while, he stopped in his tracks.

Austin slowly raised his head and his eyes fell upon the crack mid-air.

"If I want to destroy the spatial teleportation passage, what am I supposed to do?"

Austin used his spiritual sense to ask the gnome who was in the Illusion Bead.

Spatial force was one of the talents of the gnome's race.

Austin surmised that the gnome knew more about the spatial teleportation passage than he did.

And it didn't surprise Austin a wee bit when the gnome responded immediately.

"Stability is vital for the spatial teleportation passage.

Only a stable spatial passage can guarantee perfect delivery. It means an undisturbed journey from the entrance to the exit point.

It's easy to destroy the spatial passage. All you need to do is to keep hitting the point of entrance of the passage.

Once its structure is ruined, the passage is ruined as well.

It can't work anymore!"

The gnome elaborated the whole thing for Austin.

'I see!'

A smile appeared on Austin's face when he heard the gnome's the

he powerful attacks.

They got hit and seemed to shatter into a million pieces.

"Go! All of you! Just stall him. Hold on another fifteen minutes, and victory will be ours," the demon semi-emperor commanded to those who were left alive.

All the demons and cultivators from the Heaven Palace threw themselves at Austin. They attacked him as if they were to carry out a suicide mission.

All the human cultivators, standing outside the square, watched Austin fight against the two hundred thousand enemies on his own.

They were overcome with shock and surprise.

'He is like the god of war, ' all the men in the Southern Alliances Army thought.

They were supposed to join Austin and fight their enemies.

But they stayed still because the Demon-sacrificing Hellfire had covered the whole square and the area above it. Except Austin, no one could get into that area.

"What are we waiting for?

Let's work together to put out the Demon-sacrificing Hellfire. We should act as Commander Austin had ordered.

We need to do something now!"

one Semi-emperor Realm master of the Southern Alliances Army shouted as he recovered from his shock.

His words drew his comrades out of the trance. They were back to their senses.

"You are right! Let's hit the fucking fire together to put it out."

"Come on, guys! Let's do it!"

The human cultivators of the Southern Alliances Army launched vital energy attacks at the burning Demon-sacrificing Hellfire. They hoped their plan would work and the fire would be put out.

Inspired by Austin's gallant performance and courage, all of them were in high spirits again. Seeing their commander lead from the front, they were eager to fight.

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