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   Chapter 1393 Black Terminator The Demon Emperor

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'Black Terminator the Demon Emperor?'

All the Southern Alliances Army were stupefied. It was not what they expected.

A sense of fear rose in their hearts as they wondered how this could happen. They were all wide-eyed, nervous for what was to come.

'If this demon semi-emperor is telling the truth, this Black Terminator the Demon Emperor is at the Emperor Realm.

Even though Lean, the so-called demon ancestor those demons summoned back then, is at the Emperor Realm, what I confronted was just a wisp of his soul.

Besides, its power was restricted by many factors in the Prime Martial World.

Although Annihilator the Demon Emperor's demonic energy is inside my demonic avatar, it is weaker than a cultivator of the Emperor Realm because it is only controlled by a copy of my spiritual soul.

Compared to a real demon emperor, it has less combat experience and demonic skills. And its understanding of martial arts skills and principles is at a basic level.

It will never be on par with the real one. It could never match it, '

Austin pondered as he stared off the distance, thinking about his next move.

'Once Black Terminator the Demon Emperor comes here, no one in the Prime Martial World could be a match for him.

If that happens, the demons will occupy the Prime Martial World, ' he mused. But studying his surroundings, it seemed like he wasn't the only one thinking ahead for a change.

Other cultivators of the Southern Alliances Army also realized the gravity of the situation. People suddenly fell quiet with their faces gloomy and their eyes afraid.

"OMG! What are we going to do? A real demon emperor is on his way!" shouted a woman from a distance.

Suddenly, there was an outrage. People were screaming their thoughts. A once quiet place was filled with several voices reverberating through the sky, letting the world know their fears. "This is not good. We're doomed to lose the war!"

Cultivators of the Southern Alliances Army began whispering to one another with a rattled expression on their faces. They, too, were afraid of what was to come.

Even the Semi-emperor Realm masters got flustered.

Austin, running out of ideas, sunk into despair. His head was all over the place as he pondered on this catastrophe that they were about to face.

But a couple of seconds later, he pulled himself together. He knew there were people who depended on him. If he showed weakness now, it would be like flicking the light of a candle and letting darkness fall on them.

He could not let that happen. He gritted his teeth with a brooding expression.

'No, I can't watch Black Terminator the Demon Emperor come here with his

ey all screamed in shock and in awe, no one could definitely tell.

"How could it be possible for a cultivator to have three different Unearthly Fire? He is so lucky," one cultivator said.

"Looks like luck is on Commander Austin's side," another one chided in.

Impressed but suddenly afraid, a series of exclamation broke out among the Southern Alliances Army.

"This is preposterous! Impossible even!

This is your trick, isn't it?

How could you get three kinds of Unearthly Fire?

I don't believe that.

You must be bluffing," the demon semi-emperor in charge roared emotionally.

'There must be some kind of mistake, ' he thought.

A dash of panic reflected in his voice.

He tried to hide it as best as he could but this didn't escape Austin.

Feeling a lot more determined after he successfully summoned all three Unearthly Fire, he regarded the demon semi-emperor.

"Are you afraid now?

I bet my Unearthly Fire can destroy the Demon-sacrificing Hellfire. Am I right?" Austin asked, with a playful smile on his face, his tone bragging more than anything.

He, then, uttered a magic spell.

As he was done and said the final word of the incantation, the Scorching Evil Fire, the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire and the Mint Wood Fire burned more fiercely and intensely at the same time.

Moments later, a scarlet flame burned over Austin's right palm;

a black flame was on his left palm;

an indigo flame was over his head.

Austin was enveloped by the three Unearthly Fire. No one could stop him now. Not the people; not the cultivators; and not even the demon semi-emperor. It was now or never for Austin and he knew that. So before he changed his mind, he did it.


Austin rushed into the sea of the Demon-sacrificing Hellfire.

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