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   Chapter 1392 Demon-sacrificing Hellfire

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Attack! Fight! Kill! ...

With a wave of his hand, Austin ordered soldiers of the Southern Alliances Army, who were standing behind him, to attack.

Without hesitation, they marched forward with great strength and vigor towards the spacious and black square.

Those human warriors, who were running on the ground or flying in midair, blasted out numerous waves of sharp vital energy.

And in an instant, countless shouts and cries echoed between the heaven and the earth.

The soldiers of the Southern Alliances Army were undeniably as fierce as tigers and wolves in battle. They charged at the enemy without any qualms. The intensity of their desire to win glinted in their eyes.

Meanwhile, the blood, destruction, and screams turned the square into a hellish battleground.

However, at that very moment, amidst the chaos and turmoil, a desperate voice interrupted the surrounding.

"Children, for greater good, be brave and sacrifice yourselves,"

a demon semi-emperor shouted suddenly.

The next moment, what happened surprised and shocked everybody on the spot.

Boom! Boom!

Those demon soldiers' bodies exploded one by one like fireworks.

In the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of demon soldiers' bodies blew up.

To everybody's surprise, their bodies were then reduced to dark flames rather than streams of blood, flesh, and bones.

Those senior demon soldiers could successfully turn their bodies into a massive blaze of fire.

However, those weaker demon soldiers could only manage to transform themselves into smaller flames.

After the sacrificial explosion of thousands of demon soldiers, numerous dark flames of different sizes emerged on the square, dancing with their fiery blaze.

Then, those dark flames converged and turned into some enormous waves of fire, burning and then flowing to the human warriors of the Southern Alliances Army.

Unfortunately, those human warriors couldn't dodge the burning flames and were then instantly engulfed by the pitch-dark waves of flames.

Those poor warriors were torched alive, with their wails and outcries filling the area.

The massive dark flames were, without a doubt, horrifying. The way it sizzled and flowed with the slight wind only added to the horror it emitted.

"Damn! Bombard those fucking flames!" said a warrior who was lucky enough to dodge the flames.

Meanwhile, the warriors, who were running behind, heard the order and exerted all their strength to hit the dark flames with shafts of violent vital energy force.

Broadsword shadows, sword aura, feet shadows, spear shadows, as well as all kinds of magic treasures rained down on the burning flames.

They all hit the rings of fire created by the gigantic blaze.

However, to their great

ning from the demon semi-emperor, he was now hesitating.

At the back of his mind, he was actually skeptic of those words, whether they were true or not. Perhaps, playing safe would do Austin and his army good in this war––at least for now.

After all, the demonic avatar was his most significant power.

If anything awful befell on his demonic avatar, it would mean a significant loss to his strength and power.

The damage would undoubtedly be irreversible. So perhaps, it was really better to refrain from utilizing it as his weapon.

'Now, what should I do?' Austin thought deeply, obviously faced with a dilemma.

The situation was disastrous and catastrophic.

All human warriors from the Southern Alliances Army just stood still, shocked, and stunned by the formidable pitch-dark sea of fires.

Even those human semi-emperors didn't dare move forward and were tied to the ground.


Remember that our reinforcements will come here in no time. Then, we'll conquer the South Continent once again.

Austin, let me tell you something.

The leader of our reinforcements is Black Terminator, the Demon Emperor.

Ha-ha! He's another demon emperor of our Heaven Claimer tribe.

More than that, he's even better than Annihilator the Demon Emperor whose body you have, because he just came back from a more advanced dimension.

I estimate that he is much--and very much more---powerful than Annihilator.

Ha-ha. Don't you dare think that our hands are tired just because you can control the demon body of Annihilator the Demon Emperor.

Ha-ha! You're so arrogant and so stupid, kid.

You have obviously overestimated yourself. Now, prepare yourself because you're about to die! Ha-ha!"

The demon semi-emperor stared at Austin amusingly and couldn't help but thunder another series of mocking laughter.

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