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   Chapter 1391 Reinforcement

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"Oh, is that so?

Perhaps wiping us out is more complicated than you've imagined."

When the demon semi-emperor spoke, a cunning glance flashed across his eyes.

Austin's spiritual sense had become much more powerful since he drew the energy from the wisp of Lean's soul.

Hence, he had caught sight of the rapid shift of expression on the demon semi-emperor's eyes.

Besides that, there was another thing that confused Austin.

Facing 800, 000 troops of Southern Alliances Army, all members of the demon race and people of the Heaven Palace didn't show any sign of panic.

It seemed like they had been waiting for their enemies.

Austin furrowed his eyes, trying to trace whatever was making him a little suspicious.

'Something is wrong.

Is this some kind of a trap?

At this point, there are about 300, 000 demons on the square.

And the number of cultivators from the Heaven Palace is about 100, 000.

So our enemy's military force is about 400, 000.

But I have 800, 000 men under my command, and we outnumber them for a half.

With my spiritual sense, I can perceive about ten demon semi-emperors and two human cultivators of the Semi-emperor Realm from the Heaven Palace.

So we got about 12 masters at the Semi-emperor Realm to handle.

But I have thirty to forty masters of the same caliber on my side.

Besides, my demonic avatar and I alone can take out all the enemies at the Semi-emperor Realm.

In a word, we're much stronger than our enemy.'

The thought set Austin's mind at ease.

'Victory will be ours whatever game they're playing.'

Austin's eyes fell on the members of the Heaven Palace.

'Shame on these humans for siding with those demo

o waste time talking to him. We need to end this quickly, ' he thought.

Upon hearing his words, the soldiers of the Southern Alliances Army drew out their weapons and magic treasures, signaling their readiness to fight.

'This is going to be the last war between us and those demons.

As long as we kill all the demons here, there will be no troops of the demon race in the South Continent anymore.'

Austin raised his right hand.

"Fight till death to protect the space passage.

Our backup will be here in an hour.

Let's fight for our tribe,"

the demon semi-emperor snarled, noticing Austin was going to order his men to attack.

'They have backup?'

Austin's heart missed a beat.

'It means more demons will be here in an hour.'

Austin looked up at the space crack above the square.

'No doubt, their backup will come here through this black hole.

We're running out of time. We must destroy the portal above before their reinforcement arrives, or things will get more complicated, ' he mused.


Without any hesitation, Austin waved his right hand down and commanded his men to attack.

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