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   Chapter 1390 A Raid On The Heaven Palace's Headquarters

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8391

Updated: 2019-11-24 10:20

In the sky above the Triangle Zone, the 800, 000 fierce warriors from the Southern Alliances Army were marching quickly forward.

Austin took the lead, followed closely by more than 40 Semi-emperor Realm masters.

In the meantime, Austin came to an agreement with the Semi-emperor Realm masters before reaching the Triangle Zone.

They reached the conclusion that they would march into the headquarters of the Heaven Palace and slay their enemies.

Their common enemy, the demons from the Heaven Claimer tribe of the Demon Abyss World had entered the South Continent of the Prime Martial World through the time-space teleportation channel that was located centrally at the headquarters of the Heaven Palace.

The time-space teleportation channel was their only path and if the channel was completely destroyed, there was no way the Heaven Claimer tribe of the Demon Abyss World could enter the Prime Martial World again.

The only way to prevent the continuous harassment of the demons was to lead the Southern Alliances Army to defeat the warriors of the Heaven Palace, following which the human race would be at peace again.

Austin, while staying at the Triangle Zone, had already done a thorough investigation of the Heaven Palace's headquarters.

As strategized before, once the Southern Alliances Army led by Austin entered the Triangle Zone, they hurried towards the headquarters.

After marching non-stop for one full day, they finally arrived at the desert in the Triangle Zone.

Above them, the sky stretched across the vast barren desert.

Charged up with new energy, the warriors raced across the desert.

Consequently, the sky above the desert suddenly started changing violently and was filled with loud rumbling noises.


Austin raised his hand and shouted out.

It was evident the warriors considered Austin their leader, after they came to a standstill at his command.

"The Heaven Palace's headquarters lie beneath this desert."

Austin's voice boomed across the desert with such vitality that the 800, 000 warriors were instantly revved to take on their enemies.

Then, they began to gaze at the vast desert stretch.

They soon realized the reason why the headquarters was known for its mysterious location and no one could ever find it.

It was very deceptively hidden from anybody's eye and anyone who ventured to find the headquarters would only find himself lost in the vast desert.

Nobody could imagine such a hiding place and rightly so, no

Heaven Palace.

A demon semi-emperor who towered over seven meters and exuded formidable demonic presence stepped out from the crowd and said slowly, "Ha-ha, Southern Alliance Army! Finally, you are here!"

Austin soon realized that the demon was at the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

At once, he stood out from his Southern Alliances Army and replied in a cool voice, "Yes, we are here to eradicate your demon race completely!

Today, all of you demons, including the human warriors from the Heaven Palace, are going to be killed!"

"If I guessed right, you should be Austin!" the demon semi-emperor snarled.

He was staring at Austin with the eyes that of a venomous snake. He had been in the headquarters all the time and never got the chance to meet Austin before.

"That's right,"

Austin replied coldly.

"Incredible! I still cannot believe that the armies of our Heaven Claimer tribe who were sent to conquer the South Continent faced such a crushing defeat because of you!"

the demon semi-emperor roared as he fixed his stare at Austin with increasing hatred.

"Ha ha ha...

Keep your nonsense aside! It was your Heaven Claimer tribe who invaded our Prime Martial World 800 years ago and faced a very humiliating defeat!

But shamelessly you never gave up your nasty ambition and invaded us again.

However, the result of your invasion this time will be no less as it was 800 years ago. Be prepared to face it again!

All of you demons trying to invade us will be killed ruthlessly by our fierce army!"

Saying this, Austin started laughing and he was soon joined by his army. The entire square resonated with their laughter.

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