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   Chapter 1389 Leading The Southern Alliances Army

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"Commander Austin, our visit today is in regards to the future of South Continent. Our very safety depends on the success of our talks today."

Suddenly, a tall, middle aged man, who had a full forehead and looked kingly in appearance stood up and looked at Austin.

This man was Tierry, the leader of the Heavens Sect of the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom. He was a blessed and accomplished cultivator who had already stepped into the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

That way, he was now, among the mightiest warriors of the South Continent; he enjoyed the same level of power as Tristan, who had been the chief leader of the Southern Alliances Army and was later killed by Austin.

Such high rank allowed him to enjoy quite a few privileges in the South Continent.

"What do you mean, your safety depends on it?"

Austin was utterly confused. Surely, things weren't that bleak without him!

"Thanks to you, more than thirty demon semi-emperors were killed in the battle of the Mysterious Sky City. I think it won't be doing anyone an injustice if we said that it was your actions which turned the scales in our favor.

Only because of you, did we manage to keep heart and kill hundreds of demon race warriors.

However, most of them are still around in the South Continent, and have taken over a vast number of large territories.

Moreover, the Heaven Palace which colluded with the demon race in that war is still in possession of the Triangle Zone. They are also a potential threat to us.

We have conferred together and we all believe that we need to put in a persistent amount of effort in order to completely destroy the remnants of the demon race in the South Continent, as well as the Heaven Palace in the Triangle Zone!"

Tierry replied in a loud and clear voice.

"Tierry is right!"

"Tierry's saying the right thing, mind you! We need to be alert and on the lookout for danger even in the times of safety. The only way to true safety is through complete annihilation of those demons!"

"Absolutely, I second it too!"

Austin could see that every single sect-leader and clan-leader was in agreement with Tierry; as they should have been. The guy was right.

"I see. I agree with you Tierry."

Austin could see how important getting rid of those demons was.

"Now, as we all know, the previous leader of our Southern Alliances Army was Tristan. Focus on 'was', because he was killed by Commander Austin for his unlawful and unnecessary persecution of the A.L. Army.

Right now, we are flying solo without a leader. Which means we need to find a new leader for ourselves. It has to be someone who leads us in battle and helps us destroy the remaining demon warriors as well as those idiots in the Heaven Palace.

I recommend Commander Austin as our next leader.

What do you guys think?"

Tierry continued and asked everyone there in a loud and clear voice.

"Now hang on a second... You mean, you want me to lead the Southern Alliances Army?"

become a really formidable force to be reckoned with.

With the addition of his own army, the total number of the human soldiers was near eight hundred thousand now.

When this troop gathered in the Mysterious Sky City, the crowd was so dense that a bird's eye view of the city would have only granted you densely packed heads.

After a rough head-count, Austin waved his hands toward this troop.

Immediately, as if in response to some unseen leash being pulled, the soldiers flew into the sky of the South Continent and were gone.

Everywhere they went, all of time and space was left rumbling in shock.

They were going to initiate the first step of Austin's plan, which was to retrieve the countries that had been captured by the demon race.

The number of such hostile takeovers was about fifty and they all needed to be taken back. The demons needed to be robbed of every possible stronghold.

Some time ago, Austin had already dispatched the A.L. Army to retrieve about thirty of those countries, so around ten of them were already in the process of retrieval.

As for the demons, they had only left thirty or forty thousand soldiers in each country to guard it, thinking that such a number was enough in their arrogance.

When faced with such a small scale force, it was extremely easy for the Southern Alliance Army to win the battle. They had been gathered under one banner and it's well-known what a united army can do.

So it took Austin only about ten days to retrieve the remaining ten countries from the demon's hold. This was a major victory for the human race.

Now, every single human country had been retrieved and they were free. Their sovereignty had been gifted back to them.

And the entire presence of the demon race had been destroyed.

Three days later, once everyone rested properly, Austin took a mighty army and headed into the Triangle Zone.

They all knew that it was the final battlefield! Complete victory waited them on the other side.

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