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   Chapter 1388 Vengeance For The Thunder Unicorn (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7130

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And I can promise, I can even swear that as soon as I get back home, I will kill those four men myself. They will forever disappear. It will be a comfort to the soul of your friend who is now in paradise.

And I will dismiss and replace the head of the third branch, Shadley, who had always been an eyesore."

Suddenly, Frankie gnashed his teeth. His eyes went stern as he was making a promise to Austin. Those troublemakers should face the consequences of their bad deeds all these years.

He rapidly shifted his expressions. He switched his angry look to offer Austin an obedient one. Like a loyal servant, he uttered, "Commander Austin, this small gift is just a token of my gratitude for meeting you for the first time. Please do me the kindness of accepting it."

Then, Frankie reached out from his pocket and took out a Space Ring. He handed it over to Austin with a big smile on his face.

"Well... It is very nice of you, Mr. Frankie. I don't deserve it but thank you anyway."

Austin pretended to turn Frankie down, but nevertheless still took the Space Ring from him.

From what his spiritual sense told him, the Space Ring contained a small fortune inside. So he gladly accepted it.

It was quite obvious that Frankie would take care of the four bastards, as long as Austin stayed in power. Frankie was a wise man who understood the gravity of offending someone like him.

Killing those men meant taking vengeance for the thunder unicorn and finally fulfilling his promise. It did not matter whether if he did it by himself or not.

Austin had decided to spare the rest of the Thunder Sect since they were not the ones that were responsible for killing his friend. They had nothing to do in wounding him too during that time. He might be powerful right now but he did not want to make enemies with no good reasons.

"It is my turn! Commander Austin, I am Bradshaw, the sect leader of the Cyan Sect from the Elite Holy Kingdom.

Aw, virtuous and dignified Commander Austin, I admire you. I respect you. I look up to you!"

A middle-aged man in unlined cyan long gown went up, followed by a dozen of his

ass sects and clans and some leaders from second-class sects and clans.

Austin told Clark to prepare and sort out enough room in the mountain where he wanted to arrange the seats and tables. They also prepared food and wine for the banquet. He reallocated a group of A.L. Army to entertain guests.

Austin's job was to accompany and welcome the guests, with the help of Godwin, Julius, and the envious Peter.

After a while Austin understood why these people came here in this gathering.

He had attracted too much attention in the South Continent lately. He had not kept a low profile these days since he was busy finishing his big tricks. With all that had happened, some meddlesome people started to call him the number one in the Continent.

Therefore, these people were here to weigh him up and scale him. They wanted to know if he was indeed a reputable man. After proving if he was really powerful, they all wanted to be on friendly terms with him. They would not mind throwing him over with a rebellion if he was not.

Judging from the way they bent and bowed down before him, he could say that they all respected him. For now, they wouldn't dare to mess with him. They saw how a sect leader quivered in fear and panic in fear of offending him. It was enough proof of how powerful he was right now.

"They'd better not," Austin said to himself. "Or I'll exterminate them and their sects like bugs."

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