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   Chapter 1387 Vengeance For The Thunder Unicorn (Part One)

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Upon hearing all those people gather there wishing to see Austin, Godwin, Julius, and Peter rushed out of the mountain and hurried towards Austin. In a matter of a few seconds, they appeared on Austin's side.

Aside from them, the Queen, Clark, and several dozens of A.L. Army chiefs accompanied Austin. They all lined up behind him.

After a while, sounds of chaos reverberated in the area.

The buzz and chatter came from the crowd of people that lingered from afar.

Coming from all directions, figures of flying men came rushing towards Austin and the others.

Among the incoming crowd, some exuded fierce and powerful vital energy force.

Up close, some members of the approaching crowd were noticeably impressive-looking. They walked and moved with poise and grace. Scanning them one by one, anyone could notice the refined stance and glamorous aura that they eluded. They all had remarkable qualities. They were obviously men of high positions who had reigned for a long time already.

"Oh Commander Austin, please excuse my bluntness.

My name is Frankie, and I am the leader of the Thunder Sect from the Elite Holy Kingdom. I came all the way here to pay a personal call on you, Commander Austin."

A tall and sturdy man approached the young commander. He was bold enough to introduce himself first. He was a middle-aged man with a full forehead and rosy cheeks. He was surrounded by luminous electric arcs that seemed to flicker brighter when he got excited.

This man who introduced himself as the leader of the Thunder Sect was at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

A few other people appeared after. A dozen disciples stood behind him.

Based on their aura and refined posture, it seemed that those other people are high ranking individuals in the Thunder Sect as well.

"Aw, Godwin, Julius, Peter! You guys are also here!

It has been a while since we last saw each other. How are you doing, my dear old friends?"

Frankie asked the three. When he was approaching the three, he noticed that they were all standing closely behind the respected commander.

Godwin, Julius, and Peter had long made a reputation for themselves in the South Continent and Frankie was on the same generation

It is! Indeed it is!

Commander Austin, I am a sincere and honest person. Please have more faith in me. I am always at your service. So, if you pardon my asking, did the three elders, Elder Adrian, Elder Sheldon, and Elder Horace ever offended you?"

If there was anything Frankie was good at, it was watching the mood of other people. He took note especially of people who were more important than himself, like Austin. He knew what big trouble it would be so he spared no effort to butter Austin up and offered his generous help.

"Yes, they wounded me before. And my friend died because of them," said Austin sternly.

His face grew dim and the aura he radiated became cold.

"What? How dare them!" Frankie shouted out loud. He couldn't believe it that those morons chose to mess up with such a dangerous person. Dread took over his body and beads of cold sweat started to come out.

Frankie was shocked by the horrible news. He almost screamed his heart out from the fear of being dragged in the situation. 'Holy shit. Those useless bastards. Why did they have to provoke such a dangerous monster! And now I have to clean up their mess!' thought Frankie to himself.

"Commander Austin, I am deeply sorry for the trouble my disciples caused. They always go stirring up trouble for me. Even I cannot bear the sight of the third branch anymore," he started to apologize, "but Commander Austin, you need to believe that me and my sect never meant for them to offend you.

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