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   Chapter 1386 Each Sect Came To Greet Austin

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"Commander Austin..."

Barker stared at Austin with utterly confused.

"Well, sir, please just call me Austin.

I really cannot accept the vital energy crystals of your Veritable Demon Sect as you almost didn't offend me much previously."

Looking at Barker's face, Austin felt ridiculous, and he threw back the Space Ring to Barker almost instantly.

What Austin said was true. The Veritable Demon Sect hadn't done anything to hurt Austin from the beginning and Austin knew that too well.

"Austin... I..."

Barker received the Space Ring hesitantly.

Now in terms of the position of hierarchy, Austin had been called the top one by the cultivators in the South Continent privately.

And when it came to the power play, Austin could easily vanquish cultivators as powerful as the ones at the Semi-emperor Realm.

While Barker was only at the preliminary stage of Heaven Realm.

So Barker knew it clearly that in all aspects there was a huge difference between the abilities possessed by him and Austin.

In the world of the cultivators, everything depended on strength and the weaker ones were always at the mercy of the more powerful. That was the norm.

So it was only natural that Barker became very careful when he talked to Austin. He was under too much pressure.

Barker was fully aware that Austin now was totally different from the one he had just met previously.

The Austin he knew was chased by the large sects and clans in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom and he had to escape for his life and hide in safety.

But the cultivator standing in front of him was the most powerful one in the South Continent.

"Sir, Mr. Barker, what is wrong with you?

Do I give off the vibe of terrifying wild animals?

I'm exactly the same person as you saw me the first time. You are still people I should pay my respect to. In my mind, you will always be. Sir, you really don't have to behave like this,"

Austin tried to explain with a bitter smile and a kind of helpless.

"Ha ha! Great! My boy! It's true that you haven't changed... I wasn't mistaken about you!"

In the end, Barker wasn't that worried anymore as he understood Austin's genuine expression. He put away the Space Ring with sixty million divine vital energy crystals in it.

"Sir, the Veritable Demon Sect no more holds grudge against me, which the Veritable Demon Sect should be fully aware of by now. Why did you try to send me divine vital energy crystals?"

Austin asked, genuinely wondering.

"Austin, you have let the Sky Sect disappear from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. So all the sects and clans were frightened of you and were sure that you would kill them.

All other sects and clans have sent sixty million divine vital energy crystals.

If our Veritable Demon Sect that didn't do the same, our sect leader was afraid that you would let our sect disappear completely as well, just the way you did to the Sky Sect,"

Barker answered.

"Ha ha. Sir, you must be joking...

I know very well my friends and foes. What you just said will never ever happen.


"The sect leader of the Snow Sect from the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom is coming to visit Austin Lin, the Commander of A.L. Army!"

"The sect leader of the Peripatetics Sect from the Pure Indus Empire is coming to visit Austin Lin, the Commander of A.L. Army!"

"The sect leader of the Mysterious Sword Sect from the Star Empire is coming to visit Austin Lin, the Commander of A.L. Army!"

The loud voices kept declared without a break. They were echoing in the empty spaces and spread everywhere.


Are so many really people coming to see me from far and near?"

Austin stopped and gave an insightful expression on his face.

The people coming to visit Austin were all the sect leaders of well-known large sects of the South Continent. This was huge.

From the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom and the Elite Holy Kingdom, and the other large kingdoms, almost all the sects and other organizations with powerful had come here to pay Austin a visit.

What was beyond anything mediocre, a great many powerful clan leaders came as well.

Soon around the peak where Master Li had lived in was crowded with the voices of the sects wishing to see Austin.

Hearing all voices that the leaders from these names of the large sects were coming to visit Austin, everyone became stunned, standing there still with their heads blank.

It was such an incredible occurrence that such big men, each of them being the most powerful one in some area, now came here to visit this same young talented man!

They had never before witnessed anything so magnificent!

"It is not really a great thing to be famous!

With fame comes the lack of peace."

The one who these big men came to visit, however, gave a bitter smile.

The ones beside him, including Barker, Dahlia and the maid really wanted to go and slap Austin across the face, after they heard Austin's words.

It was such a proud moment that so many powerful people came to see him from such faraway places! It was a huge achievement!

But Austin didn't seem to enjoy it so much!

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