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   Chapter 1385 The Top One In The South Continent (Part Two)

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These people were the representatives from the big sects and the big clans in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

The Ghost Puppet Sect, the Magic Hand Sect, the New Moon Sect, the Kong Clan, the Jiang Clan, the Song Clan, the Chen Clan, the Polarity Sect, the Breeze Sect and the Veritable Demon Sect. All of them were present, having sent their representatives to come over and pay Austin a visit.

As tribute, each representative had brought with them sixty million divine vital energy crystals each for Austin.

In total, there were six hundred million divine vital energy crystals!

The amount was absolutely enormous. Most people didn't see that many divine vital energy crystals in their lifetime, but here they were now, all for one man.

Austin accepted the sixty hundred million divine vital energy crystals with joy and satisfaction. He was so overwhelmed with glee at the extravagant gifts that he nearly lost control of himself and laughed.

"Very well then. From now on, any previous issues or problems between me, Austin, and your clans or sects are erased completely," he declared in a loud voice. Some of the representatives looked surprised at this announcement. Some breathed a sigh of relief, while others remained passive as if Austin hadn't said anything.

"I swear that I will never get any of you into any sort of trouble, unless you choose to offend me. If you do," he paused, both his tone and his gaze turning deadly serious, "then there will be consequences."

Despite these words, Austin had no intention of being difficult to them. With such a huge number of divine vital energy crystals from the different clans and sects as gifts, Austin was more than willing to let go of any issues with them for the sake of these divine vital energy crystals. He would forgive them and let them off the hook out of gratitude.

The smile on his face as he looked upon them was also one of sincerity.

"Commander Austin," a voice called

e displayed just moments ago, Laura suddenly turned silent and depressed. The look she gave Austin was no longer one of frustration and bitterness, but one of great care and fear.

This was because the reclusive elder of the New Moon Sect had told her the news that the Sky Sect had been wiped out by Austin. She was unable to believe it at first, but the reclusive elder had told her it was all true, and there was no reason for Laura to doubt her. It only made her realize Austin was now much more powerful than she could possibly imagine, and to fight back against him recklessly could prove to be a fatal mistake.

"Master Laura, let's go,"

the reclusive elder of the New Moon Sect said to Laura. Without another word, she and Laura then left together.

Following suit, the representatives from the rest of the clans or the sects also bid farewell to Austin and left.

Naturally, everyone treated Austin with great reverence.

Nobody dared to be disrespectful at all, fearing the consequences they would face if they did so.

"Uh... Mr. Barker, please wait."

As the other representatives left, Austin suddenly called out to one of them, stopping him in his tracks.

It was Barker, the representative from the Veritable Demon Sect.

He was also none other than Dahlia's very own father.

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