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   Chapter 1384 The Top One In The South Continent (Part One)

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The Sky Sect was truly one of the superior sects in the South Continent.

Lenard and the other four reclusive elders, being the five most supreme and powerful cultivators in the Sky Sect, had a great amount of treasure stored in their own grottos. Their fortune was so abundant that this drew the attention of Godwin, Julius and Peter.

Within the grottos were mountains of vital energy crystals, all kinds of high-grade pills, and various magic treasures. On top of that, there were a number of powerful martial arts manuals as well. There was so much treasure that it took up nearly every single inch of the grotto, making it difficult to move around.

Godwin, Julius, and Peter couldn't help but be amazed at the sight of so much treasure. It was truly overwhelming, and there was something to look at no matter where you turned.

Austin was unable to contain his excitement as well.

It took a while before they regained their composure enough to split the treasure they found. They decided to split it equally among themselves, with each of the four getting a fair amount of the treasure.

Afterwards, the group returned to the A.L. Army. They then decided to spend the next day in the headquarters of the Sky Sect.

Austin had plans to change the place into a stronghold of his A.L. Army.

It was the perfect, most ideal location to use as a stronghold. There were two natural vessels of energy underneath the valley, so if Austin succeeded, he could let his members take turns and come here to cultivate from time to time.

The Prime Martial World was just a low-grade world, so a natural vessel of energy was rarely seen there.

Simply put, this meant the two natural vessels of energy in the valley were extremely precious. It was no doubt Austin was determined to make full use of the two natural vessels of energy before anybody else could.

The following day, Austin allowed about ten thousand members of the A.L. Army to continue staying in the headquarters of the Sky Sect.

Afterwards, he left with the rest of the

ad died. In order to save her, Austin had wiped out the Sky Sect.

These past achievements by Austin were discussed so excitedly by everyone that all the cultivators in the South Continent began to focus their attention on him.

Every one of them was amazed by Austin's strength. After hearing so much talk of what he had done so far, everyone believed that a man of his caliber was definitely powerful, maybe even invincible.

To put it simply, Austin now became well-known to everybody in the South Continent.

Moreover, he even became the South Continent's most formidable cultivator!

The well-deserved top one!

Soon enough, Austin returned to the place where Master Li lived, where he continued to stay for the time being.

One day passed.

"Commander Austin, there is a group of people outside who are waiting to see you."

A member of the A.L. Army on patrol duty nearby suddenly came and reported to Austin.

"Alright. Let them come in."

There was a smile on Austin's face as he uttered the words. Even without seeing them or being told who they were, he already knew who those people could be.

A few moments later, the doors opened, and a hushed silence fell as a dozen people entered the room. The atmosphere seemed to turn into one of utmost importance, the air hanging thick with seriousness as the visitors approached Austin.

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