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   Chapter 1383 Natural Vessel Of Energy

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"Well done, Austin! You're doing the right thing,"

Godwin said with a laugh.

'To teach them a lesson, Austin threatened and blackmailed those sects and clans which have problems with him. He was clever to show his power after forcing Lenard to dismiss the Sky Sect.

And the clearest part was that he didn't kill all of them; instead he let them go.

It means he is not a ruthless man, though he is quite bossy, ' Godwin mused.

He was impressed and satisfied with Austin's actions.

"We should get going!" Austin said.

Slowly all the members of the Sky Sect had left the headquarters.

Only Austin and the people who were on his side stayed there.


Are you really dumb? Or just playing so in front of us?

Sky Sect was one of the biggest sects and its leaders had managed it well in the past thousand years. I always thought there must be many valuable things here.

Those people left in a hurry, so I bet they didn't take all their treasures with them!"

Peter cut in, staring at Austin with surprise.

'He has a valid point, '

Austin was thoughtful after he heard Peter's words.

'Those members of the Sky Sect left from here in a hurry.

I guess there are lots of priceless items left here. I will take all of them.'

Austin made up his mind. Suddenly he smiled.

"You're right. Clark, ask our men to check around this area and make sure they collect all the valuables,"

Austin ordered.

As Clark passed out Austin's order, the members of the A.L. Army split up to look for treasures in high spirits.

Even the queen started to search for valuable things. She was joined by the members of the evil shadow race.

Not in the mood to be left out, Violet and the gnome emerged from the Illusion Bead immediately.

"Violet, I've found large amounts of precious natural resources.

We're going to make a big fortune! Come! This way!" the gnome exclaimed with delight on his face.

Without even sparing a moment to cast a look at Austin, the gnome activated the teleportation ability.

In the next minute, the gnome and Violet vanished into thin air.

"Come on buddy! Don't be dramatic.

You're acting like people who are keen on wealth,"

Austin spoke to the gnome through his spiritual sense, with a shocked look on his face.

"Have you got a problem with th

in did.

Moments later, Godwin opened his eyes.

"There are two natural vessels of energy under the ground here.

There is a lot of spiritual energy in them!"

he said.

'Oh my gosh! There are two natural vessels of energy.'

Austin was overjoyed.

"Clark, tell the rest of the men that this place will be one of our strongholds.

We'll leave one half of our men to guard this place.

The members of the A.L. Army will take turns cultivating here,"

Austin said after musing for a while.

Since the Sky Sect no longer existed, the two rare natural vessels of energy didn't belong to anyone. There was no way Austin would let others have them.

"Roger that," Clark replied.

'Now that we've got two natural vessels of energy, our team members will progress more quickly, ' he thought. He was excited about it all.

The members of the A.L. Army continued to check across the headquarters of the Sky Sect.

One member of the A.L. Army suddenly ran to Austin. According to him, they had spotted five caves and they couldn't get inside for the caves were protected by arrays and traps.

Austin, Godwin, Julius and Peter headed towards the caves immediately.

They saw five caves hidden on the big mountain which was clouded by a thick mist.

Austin released his demonic avatar. It quickly destroyed all the traps and arrays easily.

Carefully they entered those caves.

Austin and the three elders were certain that those caves were the places where Lenard and the four reclusive elders had worked on their cultivation.

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