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   Chapter 1382 Fighting For You

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After hearing what he said, everyone cast their eyes upon Austin again.

"Austin, we don't want to be your enemy anymore.

But if you continue to harass us, we'll be forced to unite and fight against you till the end," said the sect leader of the Ghost Puppet Sect.

His chest heaved and his eyes were fixed on Austin. It seemed like he had made up his mind to face the life and death challenge.

The people standing beside the sect leader of the Ghost Puppet Sect looked at Austin angrily.

Their faces were dark with contempt and their eyes full of resentment against Austin.

It was clear from their faces that they thought and accepted everything that the sect leader of the Ghost Puppet Sect had just said. If Austin really wanted to kill them, they were ready to unite with other sects and clans and fight against Austin till death.

They were all masters of the Semi-emperor Realm. In the South Continent, they had been strong men at the top of the pyramid of martial arts world, and never had they been driven to despair like this. It made them hate Austin more.

"Yes! Is it? Are you going to gang up with others against me?

Well! You may do as you please. I don't mind. Neither do I care!

I mean that the matter can't be settled in this manner. You, the members of sects and clans would never get away with it until I say so."

With both hands behind his back, Austin continued with a scornful sneer.

Listening to Austin's words, the sect leader of the Ghost Puppet Sect, as well as the masters at the Semi-emperor Realm from other sects and clans were relieved a little.

They felt relief because it seemed that Austin was ready to give them room for negotiation.

"Austin, my Chen Clan is willing to pay you thirty million divine vital energy crystals.

It's enough! We've got to put an end to this," declared a fat middle-aged man.

Saying so, he took a deep breath and looked at Austin with hope.

He was the current patriarch of the Chen Clan.

He presented an offer before Austin, but at the same time, he was rather reluctant in his heart. Although the Chen Clan was a big family with a long history in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, thirty million divine vital energy crystals were surely a lot of money.

"The Jiang Clan is also willing to give you thirty million divine vital energy crystals to settle this," said a skinny, old man in a loose cyan robe.

He was the patriarch of the Jiang Clan.

"Austin, our Ghost Puppet Sect is also willing to pay you thirty million divine vital energy crystals."

The elder

It's none of our old men's business,"

Godwin replied.

Hearing this, Julius rolled his eyes, dissatisfied by Godwin's thoughts.

Austin turned to the elders and patriarchs again. They hadn't answered to his deal yet.

"Austin, I accept your proposal and agree for the deal.

Sixty million divine vital energy crystals. They'll be given.

I'll scrape up all my resources and send them to you in two days.


The fat middle-aged man, who was the patriarch of the Chen Clan, said gritting his teeth. Then he activated his bodily movement skill and galloped away as fast as light.

One after another, the sect leader of the Ghost Puppet Sect and others also agreed to hand over sixty millions divine vital energy crystals to Austin. They gave in to Austin's demands and threats.

And they all left as well.

They were all distressed at the thought of having to pay so much.

At the same time, they felt a relief. They felt that their fate was much better than that of the Sky Sect.

They had seen the Sky Sect being destroyed.

They felt that money could be earned again. But if their sects and clans were destroyed, there would be nothing.

"Ha ha. You were awesome, boy!

I can estimate that you'll earn at least four hundred million divine vital energy crystals this time.

You'll definitely end up being the richest man in the whole South Continent.

Godwin, you must have never thought that your disciple would become the richest man in the South Continent, the Prime Martial World.

What do you think? Aren't you secretly pleased in your heart? I know you well, old man!" Peter laughed.

He had started to feel jealous about Godwin's luck and his disciple, Austin.

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