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   Chapter 1381 Surrender (Part Two)

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Therefore, a warrior's strength was enough to decide everything.

Austin now understood this principle deeply from the depths of his heart. He should not falter and show hesitations again. He was strong, and that was all he needed to know.

"Let's go!"

An old man wearing a black robe with a darkened face stared at Austin's face for a while. He swung his sleeves defiantly and turned around to walk to the entrance. He was the sect leader of the Ghost Puppet Sect.

As he was staring at the young soldier, he uttered the words coldly, "You're a heartless demon, Austin!"

Another old man, dressed in a dark robe followed suit and muttered his agreement. He had a long graying hair that was drooping to his chest. He smelled strongly of pills and herbs. Though his face didn't reveal it, there was a trace of fear that flickered in his eyes when he threw Austin a glance.

The old man walked in the same direction the Ghost Puppet Sect leader went. He was a reclusive elder of the Magic Hand Sect.

Six other warriors followed them towards the gate of the Sky Sect. They had nothing left to do in the headquarters. The strong cultivators and reclusive elders from the other sects had retreated. It was only smart of them to do the same.

All of them were Semi-emperor Realm warriors from other major sects and prominent families. They shared the high-ranking status with the Sky Sect in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

Godwin, Julius and Peter came to the Sky Sect headquarters to rescue the queen two days ago.

Knowing this, Lenard had invited all these warriors from other sects and families to aid him and defend the Sky Sect headquarters. He asked them to fight with him against Godwin and his companions.

Since the three of them were warriors at the Semi-emperor Realm level and they all ha

r enemy either, Austin."

Even the sect leader of the Ghost Puppet Sect and the reclusive elder from the Magic Hand Sect expressed their willingness to find truce at last. They all bowed down to Austin as well. It would be a foolish attempt to keep resisting the powerful soldier.

Austin managed to eradicate the Sky Sect just in an instant and that was all the evidence they needed to know how powerful and how ruthless he was in a war.

It was essential for their survival to yield especially that they knew they had zero chance in this fight. Austin was such a powerful opponent and it would be a suicide to challenge him.

If Austin felt even the slightest discontent at them, it would be their end. He was prepared to lead thousands of A.L. Army soldiers to attack their headquarters. When he decided to do so, no sects or families would able to survive from that assault.

"Do you really think that everything can be wiped out by just several dishonest words and some hypocritical promises?"

asked Austin flatly after hearing all the promises made by the leaders of the sects and families. An ironic smile emerged on the corner of his lips. The cold aura he had earlier doubled in intensity.

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