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   Chapter 1380 Surrender (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6308

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The deafening silence was suddenly broken by a sudden sorrowful voice. "You're not human, Austin. You're a demon!

The Sky Sect had existed in the world for thousands of years. But it will perish and vanish from the world because of you. You're the culprit in destroying our sect!

No one would ever remember the name of the Sky Sect any more. And I...I let it happen. I'm the one responsible for everything that happened. I feel ashamed...I had disappointed all the forefathers and predecessors of the sect..."

Feeling the shame take over his being, Lenard felt defeated. He roared in agony after he swung his hand towards his elixir field and struck it violently. The hit was to nullify his cultivation base of all the martial arts he had gained through the years. Forceful vital energy poured out from his body and the streaks of energy danced in the air before it vanished completely. Lenard blamed himself for the tragedy that happened to his beloved sect. Without any vital energy left in him, he was just an ordinary person now.

Losing all his vital energy immediately took a tool on Lenard's body. He lost control of his body and dropped down from the sky. Without his vital energy, Lenard could no longer fly anymore.

"Sect leader!" shouted several Sky Sect disciples.

They hurriedly leaped in the air at the sight of their falling sect leader. They managed to grab onto him before his body reached the ground.

"The Sky Sect is finished! All of you, leave! Don't even dare of doing something stupid. You cannot save the Sky Sect even if you all die trying."

Lenard turned around as he finished uttering his words of defeat. He didn't cast Austin a glance as he turned his back from the Sky Sect headquarters and started walking that direction. His feeble legs caused him to walk wobbly.

As they watched Lenard walking away in frustration and loneliness, ev

agging yourself into a hell of trouble and your enemies will never leave you in peace.

The world of warriors is cruel in nature. Their only instinct is to kill or be killed.

Capable warriors will leave no chance for incapable warriors to fight back. The weak have no right to make a choice.

The Sky Sect found fault in you, and you fought back and exterminated it because you're stronger than them.

If you're the inferior one in strength, would you believe that the Sky Sect will spare your life and let you go? They would have killed you in the cruelest way the instant they find your weak points.

The law of the jungle does not only prevail in the jungle, it also applies in this world.

Killing without heart is the most common and the most natural thing to do to survive in this world of warriors."

Godwin tried to console and explain to Austin.

"The law of the jungle..."

After hearing his master talk, he weighed and considered what he had said. His heart and his mind had an internal battle for a moment until he nodded in his head in approval. His master was right.

Reasoning every decision in the world of warriors was the last useful thing to do. In most situations, everyone bowed down to those who had forceful fists.

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