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   Chapter 1379 Sky Sect Is Doomed

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10221

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''Attack them! Kill them!''

From Sky Sect came endless sounds and restless echoes of men shouting, roaring, and fighting.

The shock impacts of vital energy force clashing with each other filled the sky.

Affected by the strong impact, the buildings of Sky Sect headquarters were shattered and destroyed one by one.

"Austin! You little bastard!

Go to hell!"

Lenard dashed towards Austin and approached him in a blink of an eye.

He shouted at Austin, murderously like a maniac as though he was losing all of his sanity.

"Purple Energy Manipulating Skill!"

Lenard let out a dreadful roar.

From his mouth spurted out immense purple energy, which then formed into nine purple rivers like cataracts hanging upside down in the sky.

In every river, there seemed to be mirages of warriors in purple clothes displaying their martial arts and swordsmanship.

They combined with one another by following a particular trace

and finally became one astounding array.

Even Austin marveled at the spectacular scene.

Lenard's secret skill was indeed inscrutable and powerful. Although he was at the middle level of Semi-emperor Realm, his power was greatly strengthened by the Purple Energy Manipulating Skill.

This meant that he could actually release a power equivalent to that of a warrior who was at the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

No wonder he became the leader of the Sky Sect.

''Hump! You're still not strong enough to stop me," Austin sneered with a grim smile.

He was not afraid at all because he had the confidence to defeat a man of Lenard's caliber.

In response to Lenard's attack, Austin released his perfect level four sword domain. Suddenly, the endless sword aura sprang up and made a sword domain beside him.

And then, suddenly...


The sword-light sprinkled a cold, resplendent, and bright glimmer.

Together with that beaming light was a faint bumming sound that was heard by everyone.


The sword auras then clashed fiercely with the purple rivers, making immense shock waves reverberate in all directions.

The shock waves were brought an intense force, sending many warriors of the Sky Sect thrown away.

Some of the weak ones were blasted into mere dust of ashes.

Even Lenard was beaten back hundreds of meters away.

He could barely stop himself from falling, and felt the blood and vital energy in his body vibrate because of the hit.

After the first round of attack, Lenard immediately realized that Austin possessed more strength and power over him.

"Oh? Try this!"

Seeing that Lenard was able to fend off his attack, Austin let out a loud shout and again dashed towards him.

Since Austin had familiarized himself with the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship, he could kill a warrior at the preliminary stage of Semi-emperor Realm in a single strike.

Also, he could easily kill a warrior at the middle stage of Semi-emperor Realm within several moves.

When confronted by a master at the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm, he could

im to the core because he crushed and destroyed the whole Sky Sect.

No one knew whether he would seek revenge or not in the future.

On top of that, it was no joke to have a Semi-emperor Realm master hold a grudge on you.

Austin was not afraid of Lenard at all, but he worried that the latter might seek revenge for his friends, who were totally no match for him.

He just thought that it might be another nuisance for him someday.

So Austin decided to remove the source of trouble by crippling Lenard's cultivation base.

"Austin, you jerk! Are you serious? How can you be so merciless?"

Hearing what Austin said, Lenard trembled with both fear and wrath.

"Of course, I mean it. You only have two options, cripple your cultivation base or die.

If you are not really so dumb, you should have already realized that your struggle is in vain."

Austin said with an assertive tone, leaving Lenard no other options.

Lenard thought it for a short while and finally accepted his total defeat.

Although he did not want to succumb to Austin's cruelty, he really had no option but to do it for his people.

"Fine. I regret knowing you, being affiliated with you, and make you mad.

You are just like a demon.

But it is all too late now."

Lenard laughed at himself, sorrowfully.

Deep in his heart, he really had a feeling of remorse.

How he wished that he had never incurred Austin's wrath from the very beginning, but it was really too late to regret everything now.


Lenard struck his elixir field with his palm and destroyed it into pieces.

All his followers and disciples could only watch painfully as the entire area was shrouded in silence. It was so quiet that the sound of a pin dropping would be heard clearly.

The scene was so devastating for all members of the Sky Sect to see. They all realized their sect had finally ceased to exist––not just because of the ruins and casualties, but more so, because their leader had been stripped of all his power right before their eyes.

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