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   Chapter 1378 Two Choices

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A misty sword-light appeared out of thin air and came at the three elders.


The sword-light had caught up with one of them.

He was an elder of the Kong Clan, who had reached the preliminary stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

Since the sword-light Austin had released could reach anywhere in an instant, there was no way the elder of the Kong Clan could be faster than it.

As a result, the elder exploded as the sword-light with limitless range pierced through him.

At the same time, Austin's demonic avatar stood in front of both the reclusive elder of the reclusive elder and the elder of the Song Clan.

It displayed four demonic skills simultaneously, attacking the two with no intention of stopping so long as they were still alive.

Bang! Bang!

The two elders were smashed to mere powder not long after.

Austin and his demonic avatar each took out their enemies of the Semi-emperor Realm with just one strike.

Since all of this happened so quickly, the rest of their allies couldn't even come to the two elders' rescue.

Austin's battle force undeniably impressed the other cultivators from the top sects and clans. Such a young man with a holistic capability was definitely an interesting thing to see.

Those who were at the Semi-emperor Realm were the best cultivators in the Prime Martial World, but the three Semi-emperor Realm masters couldn't even defend themselves from the Austin and his demonic avatar's attacks.

Those three looked like they were unarmed common people with cultivation at all.

When Austin's demonic avatar hit the two elders of the Semi-emperor Realm, it didn't even loosen its grip around Laura's throat.

Engulfed in horror, despair, and shame, Laura passed out.

Her head was hanging down as her neck was still tightly gripped by the avatar.

"Now that I've executed those who kidnapped the queen, I'm going to deal with the Sky Sect.

You dared to put the queen behind bars.

So be prepared to receive your punishment too.

I'll give you two choices.

You can le

painful scream. "It's itchy!"


The next minute, they all turned to a pool of blood.

Everything happened so fast that in a blink of an eye, more than ten thousand disciples with lower cultivation bases had been slaughtered by the bees.

Austin's demonic avatar was as strong as a demon emperor, and true enough, it was just a child's play for it to handle those disciples of the Sky Sect.

"Austin Lin, we'll not let you go," Lenard bellowed as he resisted to continuously guard their sect.

He and two reclusive elders of the Semi-emperor Realm dashed towards Austin.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Austin and his demonic avatar came at the three old men with a smug on the former's face.

There were five masters of the Semi-emperor Realm in the Sky Sect, including Lenard and four reclusive elders.

The truth was, there were only thirty or so cultivators at the Semi-emperor Realm across the whole South Continent.

And in that entire continent, there were tens of thousands of sects.

Sky Sect had five of those Semi-emperor Realm cultivators, and that was what made them one of the top sects.

Austin's demonic avatar had put down two reclusive elders who were at the Semi-emperor Realm, with little to no effort at all.

Now, there were only three masters of the Semi-emperor Realm left.

Lenard and the two other reclusive elders.

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