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   Chapter 1377 She Is Still A Young Girl

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As the ordinary elders of the Sky Sect left, Austin was eager to get the chance of seeing the queen again.

"I hope she is doing well,"

Austin murmured while his mind was occupied imagining the face of the queen.

A few seconds later, a gray figure immediately rushed towards Austin.

As the gray figure's silhouette became clearer, it transformed into a graceful woman right in front of Austin.

As it turned out, it was the queen.

When she saw Austin, the queen felt her body become lighter and her face was beaming with warm light. She flew towards the area where she heard Austin's voice, still uncertain whether Austin was alive or not, until she saw him herself with her two eyes.

Her face blushed rose red with excitement. This led her lips to form a beautiful smile and two dimples showed up on her gleeful cheeks. In that moment, she was at a loss for words.

"Hey, are you all right?"

Austin anxiously asked the queen while he was feeling butterflies in his stomach.

"Yes, I am fine. You came up just in time,"

replied the queen while calmly nodding. Her character was always like this. She was never one to show her actual feelings in front of other people that easily.

She was extremely delighted to see Austin, but on the surface, she acted as if she was merely relieved to see Austin alive.

"Austin, I have to tell you something."

Just at this moment, Austin's Soul Sea suddenly received a message from the Priest Callum of the evil shadow race who was using his spiritual sense.

Austin was a little flustered while he was looking at the Priest Callum.

"The people of the evil shadow race age differently from humans.

The evil shadow race is a rare race that has survived from time immemorial. Generally speaking, we can live longer than a thousand years, much longer than humans.

Moreover, with the improvement of our cultivation bases, we can attain longer lives.

The queen is now at the Semi-holy Realm.

She is at least four thousand years old now.

But she is just a young girl in her twenties or so in an ordinary human being's age,"

added the Priest Callum while using his spiritual sense.


arently, Godwin, Julius, and Peter did not want to intervene in this matter. They conceded to let Austin deal with this on his own.

"What do you want, Austin?"

Lenard asked, his face drooped with sadness.

"What do I want?

Okay, let me tell you what I want.

First of all, the three captors must die because they caught the queen!"

Austin flatly declared while pointing at the three people beside Lenard. His eyes flared up with murderous intent.

The three people, whom Austin pointed at, were all at the Semi-emperor Realm.

The first one was the elder of the Song Clan. The second one was the reclusive elder of the Sky Sect. Finally, the last one was the elder of the Kong Clan.

Earlier, those three had caught the queen in the Mysterious Sky City and had taken her back to the headquarters of the Sky Sect.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, both Austin and the demonic avatar shot toward them.

"How dare you, Austin! You vile and wretched boy!"

At the same time, the elder of the Song Clan, the reclusive elder of the Sky Sect, and the elder of the Kong Clan tried to withdraw as quickly as they could.

All of them had witnessed how Austin and the demonic avatar had decimated more than thirty demon semi-emperors.

This was why they wanted to escape at the sight of Austin and the demonic avatar darting towards them.

One by one, they all tried to run away like scared rabbits being hunted by a ravenous wolf.

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