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   Chapter 1375 How Dare You Call Her A Bitch (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7182

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Julius had barely finished speaking when a dozen men rushed over to them from a distance. They came at a speed so fast that Austin didn't even see them until they had already come to a halt.

"So it is you, Austin!"

said an old man in yellow sternly. He was the one leading the team and was the first one to come near Austin. He looked down at Austin with contempt in his eyes as he suspended himself in midair.

This old man's name was Lenard, and he was a warrior at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm. He was none other than the sect leader of the Sky Sect. In light of what had happened before, he had mixed feelings about Austin, and was now staring at him with a darkened face.

"He was the one who killed two of our elders, sir! This filthy demon race!

Please avenge them!"

shouted the many warriors from the Sky Sect. It was apparent that Lenard's arrival had encouraged them a lot. As soon as they saw their leader, they all shot Austin and his demonic avatar a dirty look as they started talking about everything Austin had done to offend them.

The victims they had mentioned were exactly the two reclusive elders who had been killed by Austin's demonic avatar not long ago.

"What do you want, Austin? Why must you invade the headquarters of our Sky Sect and kill two of our reclusive elders? This is absolutely outrageous!"

Lenard questioned sharply, growing angrier after hearing more details about Austin's invasion.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Before Austin could speak, the remaining warriors Lenard had in tow also arrived one by one. Standing behind him, over ten other men and women from the different sects began confronting Austin face-to-face.

All of them were now looking Austin straight in the eye as their own eyes gleamed with fury, too. If looks could kill, Austin would have already been dead.

"Well, Austin, I can't believe that you are still alive,"

the beautiful woman among them said coldly. She was wearing a set of flowery clothes that made her quite eye-catching, but only coldness could be found on her pretty face now.

Austin looked back at them with his hands behind his back

itionally, the cold winds they emitted froze the air almost instantly. All of a sudden, it was as if a permanent winter was about to come.

Soon after that, numerous ice figures in the shape of humans started rushing out from the ice clouds. Each of them was made up of cold ice and vital energy and wore armors while holding either swords or tridents. Taking the shape of both a god and a demon, they looked unfathomably powerful. Together, they made for Austin's demonic avatar.

In every aspect, the scene was absolutely astounding and scary.

More terrifyingly, it seemed that Austin's demonic avatar was not affected by those huge ice blocks in the slightest.

Then, the mountain-sized body of the demonic avatar fell towards Laura from above her in an unstoppable momentum. At the same time, it gave out a billowing evil aura full of immense pressure that crushed all the ice figures in its way. It was as if the ice figures were no more than bubbles under its attacks.

However, this was not all. As the demonic avatar drew nearer, a little, ferocious-looking diabolic beast showed up out of the blue and went straight for Laura's Soul Sea.

Seeing the turn of events, Laura was thrown into a panic. By now, it was too late for her and she knew it. The demonic avatar was moving too quickly for her to avoid. To make matters even worse, the little diabolic beast had also succeeded in intruding into her Soul Sea.

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