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   Chapter 1374 Stop Challenging Me

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Austin's arrival gave an overwhelming pressure in every corner of the Sky Sect's headquarters. In a moment, all the disciples, stewards, and elders rushed out at once to come face to face with none other than the A.L. Army as their target.

Even some superior elders and reclusive elders were disturbed by the strong presence and without hesitation ceased their own cultivation process that had been going on for years and left their own secluded rooms.

Their actions proved that Austin's presence was not a matter to be taken lightly but a serious issue that could determine either life or death of their own sect.

The sky above the headquarters was slowly being crowded with people as time went by.

All eyes focused on the sole person where the strong presence was coming from. It was Austin. Every person was in disbelief. Some felt fear and some with grief.

Austin slowly scanned his surroundings. In a short span of time, he already had a general idea about the strength of the Sky Sect's headquarters by perception through his spiritual sense.

He easily assessed every person and identified their own strength. As he went on, he noticed that there were more than ten reclusive elders.

Four of them had reached the Semi-emperor Realm while the others were at the premium stage of Holy Realm.

They were not in groups and each of them were scattered in the crowd but it was an easy feat for Austin to estimate each one's presence and ability. Following these reclusive elders were the superior elders. There were more than forty of them and they were all at the preliminary stage or the medium stage of Holy Realm.

Below the superior elders were sixty to seventy ordinary elders. Most of them were at the Primal Holy Realm or the Semi-holy Realm.

After the ordinary elders, there were nearly two hundred stewards. Their cultivation base was distributed in the Heaven Realm, the Tribulation Realm and the Astral Realm.

Lastly, the rest of the crowd were the ordinary disciples of the Sky Sect. There were fifty to sixty thousands of them.

This was Austin's final assessment of the overall strength of the Sky Sect's headquarters.

In the South Continent, a sect with such number and strength would absolutely be regarded as one of the largest and strongest among all the sects. Few power could ever be of par with such level of cultivation base with each important figures in the sect. It was the reason why they were highly respected and stayed in a top position among others across the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

But for Austin, these seemingly high-level cultivators were not enough to faze him. It would not be difficult for him to deal with such a force.

"How dare you! You are so arrogant! This is the headquarters of our Sky Sect. You dare have the courage to mess around our territory!

Get out of here!"

In mid-air, a raged reclusive elder sprinted towards Austin. An overwhelming vital energy force emanated from his body, pressing on Austin.

The reclusive elder was already at the premium stage of Holy Realm which he had worked and gained by spending years in seclusion.

He was one of the most respected and feared reclusive elders. Over the years, no one ever dared to provoke the Sky Sect because of those masters' formidable strength and foundation. No one thought that anyone would dare come and claim to destroy the sect. All members of the Sky Sect thought that Austin must have hit hi

hat shocked them was Austin's demonic avatar's fearsome ability to easily kill a master of the Semi-emperor Realm with just one single move.

What irritated them was the fact that Austin went to their headquarters to kill people and threatened to destroy the whole Sky Sect. This left every member of the sect a deep sense of resentment.

"Austin! It's you!"

Breaking the tension between both parties, a white light streaked from a distance, reaching Austin in a flash. Then a figure landed right in front of Austin.

It was Godwin. He showed happiness as he approached Austin.

"Ha-ha, you're truly unusual!"

After Godwin, a red light and a green light came at the same time. Two figures appeared showing the same warm countenance towards Austin.

They were Julius and Peter.

"Master, sir."

Austin, realizing who they were, quickly cupped his hands and saluted the three.

Looking at the three old men, Austin felt a rush of warmth spread through his heart.

He knew that they came to the Sky Sect to save the queen.

"Good, very good! Ha-ha, it's good to see you back."

Godwin looked Austin up and down and was relieved to find him unharmed. They conversed like they were the only people around not minding the curious and alerted hundreds of presence surrounding them.

"I'm sorry I worried you, master."

Austin was moved by his master's care and quickly apologized. He appeared like a humble and weak person compared to the bold and arrogant appearance he showed towards the Sky Sect's people.

"Well, you are really playing favorite. You are becoming closer to your master than to us."

Peter on the side gave a cold snort of displeasure.

"Oh, sir, please don't misunderstand. You are the same to me as my master."

Austin knew Peter's temper and quickly explained to appease his displeasure.

"Ha-ha, good, that is very sensible of you..."

In truth, Peter was just teasing him. He wasn't in any way angry or displeased with Austin.

He had always had a good opinion of Austin. He was delighted to see him back safe and sound.

"Oh, Austin, you coming back alive will certainly give some people a headache."

Julius joked as he laughed. Thinking of the future troubles following Austin's arrival, it sure would be something to look forward to.

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