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   Chapter 1373 He Is Still Alive

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7783

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In the headquarters of the Sky Sect, there was a steep mountain. Half way up the mountain, there were multifarious tunnels inside it.

Those tunnels led to the cell rooms.

The mountain was well-guarded. It was full of arrays and traps.

There was a young woman who sat in one of those cells.

She was the queen of the evil shadow race.

Despite the fact that she was a prisoner, she had a tremendously graceful vibe.

There was nothing in this whole universe that could change her temperament.

Something kept her mind jittery. 'Did Austin… Did he really die in the hands of that demon race ancestor?'

Sitting cross-legged with her eyes closed, she was concerned about Austin's safety.

Her mind was chaotic. She tried to clear her mind to meditate, but she failed to do so. Her efforts didn't suffice to get the young man out of her head.

'No! Austin had so many cards up his sleeves. There is no possibility of him to get succumbed.

But, that demon race ancestor was at the Emperor Realm from some superior world, so I guess the demonic skills he learned must be blisteringly powerful. Austin wouldn't be a match for him.

Was Austin really dead? Isn't there no possibility that I can see him again?'

There were so many such assumptions that raced in her mind.

But then, Austin at that point was barging into the gates of the Sky Sect's headquarters alongside with the A.L. Army.

"Attention everyone! Eyes towards me.

I'm Austin Lin. I'm going to give you all an unfortunate announcement. I have come here to destroy your sect. You have one lucky chance. If you wish not to die, get out of here right now. But, if you are brave enough to outlast... Then you will die.

Where is the leader of this sect? Get your ass over here," Austin shouted. His voice was echoing throughout the mountains.

In the next minute, there came out Austin's demonic avatar that appeared and displayed the Roaring Blast.

The demonic avatar created visible sound waves. The waves went towards the headquarters of the Sky Sect.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

A great number of buildings along with rocks and trees were smashed to powder. The dirt formed by these destruction was lingering in the air by the power of the sound waves.

There was a fall of a great number of the relatively weaker disciples of the S

lity that he can stir up big trouble here. Worst case scenario, we can try our best to take him out,"

said the beautiful lady in a court dress from the New Moon Sect.

They then rushed out of the hall.

Meanwhile, the thunderous roar came across the sky reaching above the mountain where the queen was locked up.

It shook the whole mountain. The roar was so powerful that, even the cell deep inside the mountain in which the queen was locked up trembled violently.

The sound wave that hit the cell had disturbed her efforts to meditate. The queen who was sitting there in a lotus position then opened her eyes instantaneously.

There was a sheer disbelief and delightfulness that filled her eyes.

"It's Austin. He is here. He is still alive,"

she spoke, with teardrops slipping down her cheeks.

On the other hand, Austin flew above the headquarters of the Sky Sect with his hands behind his back.

Over one hundred thousand members of the A.L. Army were in a line following the way in which Austin was going. All of them glared at the disciples of the Sky Sect with strong murderous will.

"I won't repeat it again. I have come here to destroy your sect. You have one lucky chance. If you wish not to die, get out of here right now.

But, if you are brave enough to outlast... Then you will die,"

Austin said in a domineering manner.

Everyone present there in that premises was very certain that he wasn't bluffing.

His words had portrayed so much confidence. He seemed bold and more than all very intimidating.

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