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   Chapter 1372 The Headquarters Of The Sky Sect

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The Sky Sect stood mightily in a huge mountain in the east of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. Anyone who could see it would be in total awe for the mystical beauty it possessed.

The series of mountains that surrounded the headquarters winded up into a figure like a giant dragon. The scenery was truly remarkable.

The mountain consisted of countless peaks, all varying with characteristics of their own. Some peaks were just plain beautiful while some of them were dangerously steep. There were high peaks, taller than the others. Their differences all contributing to the glamour that the scenery created.

Blooming flowers of different colors and climbing vines covered the mountains. Several trees and other plants stood tall like the mountain they inhabited. However, the mountain was not just alluring. It also radiated strong power. A dense spiritual energy lingered in the space, living in the mountains like all the other kinds of animals that took shelter there. Altogether, it created a comfortable environment.

Simply put, the headquarters of the Sky Sect was located perfectly for human cultivators.

The place created an image of peace and at the same time possessed so much spiritual energy.

Half a day later, outside the gates of the headquarters, a beam of light appeared.

Though it came from far away, the beam flared as it traveled in a lightning speed.

All of a sudden, a chariot appeared outside the gates of the Sky Sect.

The Dragon and Phoenix Chariot radiated both elegance and power.

Soon, a powerful young man came out of it. Austin stepped out of the chariot and put it back into his Space Ring and then he began to scan the surroundings.

The gates of the Sky Sect was impressively enormous. It was at least a hundred meters high.

On the towering gates, two words were written. The words, Sky Sect, were shining as they stood on the top of the gate. They were huge and made of gold.

Using his mind, Austin summoned the one hundred thousand cultivators.

Soon the crowd of cultivators gathered and surrounded the gates of the Sky Sect.

"Who are you? This is the headquarters of the Sky Sect. If you don't want to make any trouble for yourselves, go away right now!"

In an instant, a troop of a dozen disciples who were guarding the gates spotted the gathering crowd.

They were surprised to see so many people outside the gates.

The Sky Sect was considered as one of the top sects. Being the protectors of a top sect, the disciples hold a superior position. Whenever they were out of the sect, others would bow and show respect to them.

So although they were surprised, they soon regained their composure.

More than ten disciples rushed to the commotion to ask them out loud.

"Everyone, remember that today is the day when the Sky Sect's name is off the list. From now on, this sect will not exist!

ly Dragon Holy Kingdom. Hump! Her hands have been stained by too much blood!"

a pretty woman at her thirties said with so much hatred. She was wearing a dress with ancient style. She struck the table with force as she expressed the bile feeling she had for the queen.

"Yes! She and Austin killed a lot of members of our Ghost Puppet Sect too," an old man added coldly.

He was wearing a black gown that matched his cold expression. His voice was enough to send shivers in the room.

"Godwin, Julius, Peter... She and Austin have done too many bad things and killed too many people in our Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

You three are actually seniors of our South Continent. Why are you trying to help them? Moreover, Austin was already dead.

Why are you bothering yourselves to save that woman?

Hump! Whatever you do, the Song Clan will never agree to free that bitch!"

another old man in gray robe continuously said with a sharp, mighty tone.

"Well, okay! That's good.

Your attitude said so much. You don't agree to release the queen.

Since you don't want to change your mind, we have nothing more to say.

But remember, I, Godwin, am not a coward. Since you want to choose the hard way, I will do that to the end!"

an old man on the left side answered with rage. He thumped the table in front of him heavily. As he stood up, the white gown he was wearing swayed elegantly, making him look more like a fair man.


A powerful vital energy force burst out from his body and covered the whole palace as he erupted in rage.

"Godwin, you are not a cowardly lion. Do you think we are?

Hump! There are only three on your side. You can't possibly defeat our side!" the pretty woman of the New Moon Sect exclaimed in fury.

She stood up abruptly and kept her ground.

The atmosphere in the palace became heated and tense in an instant. A fight was threatening to break out.

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