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   Chapter 1371 Reunion

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The person was no other than Austin.

Austin believed that his demonic avatar and his army would take care of all those who came to hurt the people he cared for.

Then he headed towards the mountain where Master Li was staying.

Everyone were shocked except Master Li and Priest Callum. They stood there with their mouths agape.

They wanted to say something, but no words were coming out of their mouths. It was as if a big lump had been stuck in their throat.

All of them stared blankly at Austin who was flying towards them in mid-air.

Master Li and Priest Callum who were both smiling, for they had seen this coming.

In a few moments, Herbert snapped out of the trance first. He rolled his eyes and tried to talk.

"Give me a pinch, Evan.

I need to know if I am in a dream," he said, nudging Evan who was standing beside him.

Evan pinched Herbert hard in the face with his two hands.

Herbert screamed in pain.

Cold sweat formed on his forehead as he jumped to his feet. Evan pinched him so hard that it was very painful and left red marks on his cheeks.

"Tin! You're back. I'm not dreaming!" Herbert exclaimed in joy.

He jumped and shook Evan's body out of excitement. Then he rushed towards Austin.

"Tin is still alive," Evan murmured, as he came back to his senses.

Delighted and surprised, he too dashed towards Austin.

The rest of the crowd snapped out of their dreamlike state and came back to their senses.

Sue threw herself into Ivy's arms and started crying. "Ivy, you were right. Little bagger didn't die. He came back! He's here for all of us!" Sue gushed in pure joy. Filled with so much emotions she started crying again.

Charming girls could easily spark people's sympathy when they cried like a child just like Sue who was crying like a sweet girl at that moment.

Joyful tears started to stream down Ivy's cheeks.

She was always a bashful girl and seldom showed her true feelings. But Austin's return triggered so much happiness that she could not hold back her joy anymore.

"Austin didn't get killed..." Tessa muttered.

Tears rolled down her face. She too was filled with so much relief and joy.

'This guy finally came back alive, '

Michelle thought, relieved and happy.

The rest was jumping happily and was crying tears of joy.

All of a sudden, laughter and exclamation filled t

Austin almost jumped in excitement. His mind was racing with ideas.

'Now that I know where the queen is, things will be much easier, ' he thought.

Austin said farewell to everyone in the group. He assured them he would stay safe and rescue the queen. He then left to go to the headquarters of the Sky Sect to save the queen.

"Take us with you, Austin," Priest Callum shouted as Austin was about to leave.

He and over ten thousand members of the evil shadow race walked towards Austin's side.

They were elites in the evil shadow race, and several thousand members among them had joined the A.L. Army.

Priest Callum selected the rest thousands of men this time to save their queen.

The willpower to strike down the enemy showed on the eyes of each member of the evil shadow race. They were determined to go with Austin and extend their help.

The queen was the leader of the evil shadow race, and now she was taken prisoner. Hatred burned in the hearts of the members of the evil shadow race.


Austin agreed with a nod after thinking for a while. He knew these people were strong and loyal fighters, and they would shed blood or even die for their queen!

He then transported over one hundred thousand members of the A.L. Army, Priest Callum and  a few thousand elites Priest Callum had selected from the evil shadow race into the City model.

Afterwards, he got into the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot and headed towards the headquarters of the Sky Sect.

"I will destroy the Sky Sect. Nothing will be left of them,"

Austin murmured.

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