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   Chapter 1369 You're A Group Of Hypocrites

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Austin did everything that he could to make the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot move as fast as it could.

As a result, it just took him a day to enter the territory of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. It was a lot faster than anyone could imagine.

Austin controlled the chariot to head for the place where Master Li lived in seclusion.

All the people who meant a lot to Austin stayed with Master Li. That was why he didn't hesitate to rush there.

The people in those sects and clans in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom had thought that Austin was killed by Lean, who was the demon race ancestor of the Heaven Claimer tribe. That was why he couldn't help but worry that they might have had turned to hurt the people he cared in any way.

All the people he loved the most were there—his two fiancees, Mike, Evan, Herbert, Tessa, Michelle, Marwell, Marwell's clan members and the members of the evil shadow race.

And they might be in danger now.

To get them hurt would be the last thing Austin would ever want. So he didn't waste any time.

The Dragon and Phoenix Chariot rushed towards Master Li's house.

At the same time, a loud voice rang out near the mountain where Master Li dwelled in.

"Don't be an idiot, Master Li. Austin is dead.

Don't insist on getting involved in his business anymore!

We must take these people with us. They are the people who were on good terms with Austin. Please stay out of this, Master Li. We hate to get into trouble with you because of them,"

one of the cultivators said loudly.

The mountain where Master Li's house located was surrounded by a multitude of cultivators. Half of them floated around the mountain, while the rest stood at the foot of the mountain.

Those cultivators looked ferocious. Their eyes were filled with murderous will.

Meanwhile, the whole mountain was besieged.

Streaks of light soared into the sky and formed a dome which covered most area of the mountain.

It turned out that there was an array on the top of the mountain where Master Li lived.

Several people stood in front of the huts on the slope of the mountain.


Do you think you can stop us with a level-five array?" snorted a tall, middle-aged man in fine clothes.

He was no other than Cal Song, the head of the Song Clan.

Cal Song had reached the premium stage of Holy Realm.

"Listen! Everyone who is involved with Austin will die in this mountain today.

It was all Austin's fault.

He shouldn't have offended us.

Attention, everyone. Let's be ready to break the array!"

Cal Song used his hands to create a signal for his men to make a move.

Tens of thousands of cultivators were about to attack the array with their vital energy.

In a blink of an eye, a black light suddenly flashed.


A tall figure who released the tremendous evil aura appeared in front of Cal Song. There were only several inches left between their faces.

Cal Song was startled and left in a frozen position. He intended to step back and stay away from the dangerous figure.

But it was too late!

All of a sudden, the tall figure grabbed him by the neck and lifted him just like a hunter holding his prey.

Moments had passed by.

Suddenly, an indifferent voice was heard all over the place.

"Don't be too sure of your victory. Don't flatter yourselves yet. You people from the so-called top sects or clans are nothing but a group of hypocrites. You don't deserve respect."

A thin, young man headed towards them as he walked in a slow pace.

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