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   Chapter 1367 I Must Get You Out, My Lover (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6202

Updated: 2019-11-22 04:46

Tristan shouted the order and without a moment's delay, thousands of troops from the Southern Alliances Army rushed towards Austin. Clark wasn't going to just stand there and wait for the idiots to attack Austin, "Battle formations! Grab your weapons, now!"

He roared and with a wave of his right hand, roughly 100, 000 soldiers of the A.L. Army snapped to a rectangular formation that was as straight as the crow flies. They were prepared to face death openly today

"It's okay, Clark. I got this. Now you all stand by and watch.

These simpletons can't hurt me. They can't even manage to touch me,"

Austin lightly told them to stand down. He wasn't going to spend his soldiers on a battle he could win by himself in the blink of an eye.

Clark was shocked by Austin order, since there were thousands of very competent troops in front of him and Austin would handle all of them all by himself. How was that even possible? However, he didn't dare disobey it and was forced to lead the A.L. Army away from the battlefield. Now it was just Austin and the Southern Alliances Army confronting each other in the battlefield.

As soon as his army was clear of the battlefield, Austin performed his Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship.

Already powerful enough, it was obviously excruciating when several thrusts were made at the oncoming wave of enemies.

Boom! Boom!

Every soldier from the Southern Alliances Army who was hit stopped dead in his path and then, his body exploded into confetti.

At the same time, Austin's demonic avatar made a magic sign, cast the corresponding spell, and performed the Poisonous Bee Attack. And suddenly, out of nowhere, hundreds of thousands of poisonous demonic bees began heading straight towards Austin's enemies. A bee-sting wasn't supposed to hurt, but that was the case of normal bees. These were

en by that avatar, dead!

Not that anyone could have stopped that avatar! It was flying around and moving so quickly that nobody could survive the attack, no matter how fast they ran.

"What are you doing just standing there?

Will you dare to defy my order?

Go, go, go! Attack. Fight together and kill that bastard! That's an order!"

Tristan shouted furiously and urged his soldiers to attack again. However, most of his followers still looked irresolute and even afraid; none of them dared to walk forward after witnessing what Austin and his demonic avatar were capable of.

"Fuck you! Austin, time to die! Take this!"

At last, Tristan lost his mind completely. He roared furiously, moved quickly and unceremoniously leaped towards Austin in a swift movement.

He had always been afraid of Austin's powers and how dangerous the latter could be. Which was why, he had never been brave enough to confront the man all alone.

Now, his heart and mind were filled with burning flames of anger; nay, his heart was filled with anger, but his mind was blinded by it. He cared about nothing more than Austin's death and wanted nothing more than that.

At that very moment, a shaft of dark light flashed in front of him.

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