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   Chapter 1366 Offenders Must Die

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"Yes, Commander Austin."

Clark said respectfully.

Austin's actions did not surprise him in the slightest.

This was due to the fact that the practice of A.L. Army was to distribute the spoils evenly to each soldier.

Austin even gave his own vital energy crystals and pills to his men.

Clark shared all of the divine vital energy crystals and superior vital energy crystals floating above Austin's head to every A.L. Army soldier he could see.

The members of A.L. Army who had just got out of jail queued up to receive so many vital energy crystals, each wearing a big smile on their faces.

Other cultivators in the Mysterious Sky City were totally taken aback from witnessing this showcase of altruism.

20 million divine vital energy crystals and 100 million superior vital energy crystals, this equated to a substantially large sum of money they had earned.

The Semi-emperor Realm masters could not help but gaze at the numerous vital energy crystals above Austin's head with various shades of envy.

They were eager to pounce and grab as many handfuls of vital energy crystals for themselves.

However, as much as they were itching to commit such a heinous act, no one dared to do so.

All of them knew how strong Austin was, and that he could easily defeat every single one of them without much thought.

No one dared to challenge Austin, not even the Semi-emperor Realm master, unless he wanted to die.

"Clark, do you know who slaughtered and battered our A.L. Army and our men? Tell me all the information you know. But let's talk through your spiritual sense," Austin asked Clark telepathically.

Clark heard Austin's words through his spiritual sense as he was helping the members of A.L. Army queue up to get their equal portion of vital energy crystals.

He was pleased upon sensing Austin's intention. This led him to provide Austin with vital information about all the people who had offended the A.L. Army.

A few moments later, all the vital energy crystals have been equally distributed.

Each member of the A.L. Army received two hundred divine vital energy crystals and one thousand superior vital energy crystals.

In the Mysterious Sky City, the cultivators of the Southern Alliances Army watched at them, their hands itching from s

to pieces of meat and blood mist.

Austin answered Tristan by deftly killing one of his disciples.


After killing the young disciple, Austin's demonic avatar moved in front of a Semi-emperor Realm cultivator.

The demonic avatar then executed the Poisonous Bee Attack! This was then followed by a Demon Punch!

Austin's demonic avatar cast two demonic skills in succession.


The Semi-emperor Realm cultivator was crushed to pieces in a matter of seconds.

Austin's demonic avatar could stand toe-to-toe with even the demon race ancestor, who was at the Emperor Realm cultivation level.

A lowly Semi-emperor Realm cultivator was nothing to the demonic avatar.

Austin's demonic avatar originally had the demonic energy of Emperor Realm. And after practicing more than a dozen demonic skills, its fighting ability increased by a significant amount.

So it was just a piece of cake for the demonic avatar to kill a Semi-emperor Realm cultivator.

In a following moment, Many people were blown up into a mist of blood. The thick, rich smell of blood wafted through the air.

Austin's demonic avatar transformed into a black light, constantly darted the area with incredible speed. It was too fast to track with the naked eye.

Wherever a light flashed, another person died, no matter how strong they were. All of the persecutors were vanquished in an instant.

"Everyone, hurry up! Kill him! Kill Austin, that son of a bitch!"

Tristan's eyes were red and he jumped up anxiously.

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