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   Chapter 1365 Loyal A.L. Army Members

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"Austin Lin, you... You..." said Tristan as he struggled for words. His closed fists were shaking and his face contorted in anger.

He was on the verge of slipping out of control.

Even the cultivators at the Semi-emperor Realm beside him trembled violently with anger and disbelief.

They were prominent and feared people. The whole South Continent bowed down to them. No one dared to offend them because of their big reputations.

But now, one foolish, arrogant young man was threatening them. Their bodies shook harder in anger because they already knew they couldn't do anything about it. The disbelief in their minds was soon replaced with embarrassment and rage.

"Fine. I will set them free," Tristan said as he scouted someone from the crowd.

"You," he pointed at a cultivator, "go release all the cultivators from the A.L. Army."

Tristan took a deep breath to suppress his untold anger.

He had no other choice but to give the young man what his wished.

'Austin is too strong. I can't risk displeasing him, ' he thought. This young cultivator might be foolish but Tristan knew what he was capable of.

As soon as Tristan finished uttering the order, the cultivator who received the order flew towards the dungeon immediately.

A dead silence succeeded. The wind hummed against the building tension among the crowd.

After a while, a bunch of figures came out from the underground in the northwest of the city.

Austin unleashed his spiritual sense to detect the figures. He confirmed that they were the members of the A.L. Army.

He spotted Clark soon enough.

"Clark, bring all the men to me," Austin said to Clark through his spiritual sense.

Austin did not have any second to lose. He was anxious to know whether his subordinates were doing well.

On the other end, the men were baffled.

When Clark and the other members were leaving the prison, they felt a mixture of confusion and surprise.

'When we were locked up, that leader of the Southern Alliances Army named Tristan said that they wouldn't let us out unless we agreed to leave the A.L. Army and join them.'

Clark couldn't help but doubt the current situation.

'What's going on? Why did they set us free?' Clark thought.

He had an internal battle unfolding in his mind as he tried to think of the motives of the Southern Alliances Army's leader.

The rest of the A.L. Army also had no idea what was going on.

They were also confused as they got out of prison.

Clark walked in front of the team making the troop snap their attention to him.

All of a sudden, Clark froze.

ll. Some of the men were even injured.

'They must have been through a lot these days, ' Austin speculated. Their current state revealed it all.

"You must have had a hard time during the past few days.

Thank you for trusting me and I promise that I won't fail you.

All right. Stand up!"

Austin said, gesturing his men to rise.

Hearing the commander bark his order, all the members of the A.L. Army got up immediately.

"Come over here, Clark," Austin called Clark.

Clark hurried towards his side.

"Commander Austin, what can I do for you?"

he asked Austin as he reached him.

Austin looked at him and granted a smirk.

Then, he touched his Space Ring and countless divine vital energy crystals floated over his head.

From afar, those crystals looked like a dragon coiling above Austin's head.

He did not stop there. As Austin waved his hand, a multitude of superior vital energy crystals appeared and covered the sky above his head.

The amount of superior vital energy crystals he released was far more than that of the divine vital energy crystals.

All the cultivators were thunderstruck.

They fixed their gazes on their commander but the shining crystals caught their attention immediately. They shifted their gazes on the crystals with wide eyes.

Their heads went blank. They just stood there in awe.

"Here are twenty million divine vital energy crystals and one hundred million superior vital energy crystals. Clark, you're responsible for distributing them to our men.

Each member should get two hundred divine vital energy crystals and a thousand superior vital energy crystals.

You all suffered a lot these two days, and all of you deserve this," Austin said flatly.

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