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   Chapter 1364 A Heinous Crime

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Austin saw through Tristan's hypocrisy and snorted at his remarks.

His mocking laugh exhibited how much he hated hypocrites like Tristan.

"Shut up!

Tristan, you really are a filthy bastard, huh?

Look at what you have done to the A.L. Army.

You'll surely rot in hell for this."

Austin chided Tristan while pointing a finger at him.

"Austin! You... What do you mean by that?"

Tristan felt insulted and embarrassed by Austin's denouncement in front of tens of thousands of people.

He could barely refrain his two hands from trembling.

"Haha! You son of a bitch! There's no point in pretending.

Since the establishment of the A.L. Army, its sole mission has been to fight the demon race and defend our people.

Not a long time ago, it already took back more than thirty kingdoms on the South Continent from the demons.

And two days ago, it was me who led the A.L. Army in their battle with the demon race's troops outside the Mysterious Sky City.

Without my army, most of those warriors from the Mysterious Sky City would have already been slaughtered and burned to death.

Yes, A.L. Army has made significant contributions to the defense of the South Continent.

But, you're so ungrateful and mean. You are filthier than pigs and dogs. Anyone has the right to punish you thugs."

Austin scolded them with much conviction while pointing his index finger at Tristan and the other three semi-emperors.

Those three semi-emperors looked sullen as if they were children being reprimanded by their parents. Even though their facial muscles were already trembling, they were able to refrain themselves from confronting Austin in front of the public.

"All of you are pretending to be somebody you aren't. Your sanctimonious remarks about justice, patriotism, and humanity disgust me!

You misjudged the situation and thought that I was dead.

Then, you gave yourselves away quickly.

You guys just couldn't wait to deal with the A.L. Army with your vicious ways.

On top of that, you threatened to dismiss my army and put my brave soldiers behind bars.

Luckily––and to your dismay––I'm still safe and sound.

Now, cut the crap.

Release my soldiers from your fucking prisons in 10 seconds, or else, you'll taste the sweet death in my hands,"

Austin shouted angrily with the veins on his neck almost popping out.

"Austin, You're crazy.

The Southern

a pool of blood and flesh.

"Austin! Stop, it's enough!"

A semi-emperor Taoist nun, who was in her fifties, came forward and pointed a finger at Austin. Old as she was, she still kept her charm, although her body was shaking violently out of anger.

Just like other warriors whom Austin had just slaughtered, she was another low-level semi-emperor.

But before she could finish speaking, the glint of sword-light materialized again and penetrated her body.


What followed after that blaring sound was another explosion of flesh and blood.

Austin was obviously on a terrible roll.

At that moment, everyone fell on complete silence.

But Austin continued to count down despite what had already happened.

The atmosphere had become really depressing with the horrid death of three low-level semi-emperors.

Austin's voice sent chills to everybody's heart, making it even harder for everyone to breath.

He killed those three as easily as throttling a baby with his bare hands, not even giving them a chance to fight back.

"Austin, you're a monster.

What you have done is a heinous crime," Tristan roared out of anger.

He was overwhelmed by the grief of terror, and couldn't believe that Austin dared murder innocent people in front of tens of thousands of warriors.

Austin's crime made his hair stand on end, and his patience––which was hanging on a thin thread––wholly run out.

"Don't talk nonsense.

Those who persecuted the A.L. Army will all be punished.

Six, seven, eight..."

Austin continued his countdown while managing to keep a straight face.

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