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   Chapter 1363 Austin Is Back!

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It was only after making his preparations that Austin was able to exhale. He relished the silence before opening his mouth and letting out a sudden, deafening roar.


The sound exploded with the demonic energy force of a demon emperor. It echoed all throughout but did not fade away; instead, it vibrated violently with vigor. It was like hearing the galloping of ten-thousand horses.

Tides of violent tsunami-like sound waves, visible to the naked eye, rolled forward towards the area in front of Austin.

The sound waves were like hammers pounding continuously into the structures nearby.

Wherever the sound waves passed, everything in its way, may it be buildings, houses, rockeries, ponds, trees, flowers, even the hard slate on the ground, all crumbled.

However, it still wasn't over.

Pretty soon, loud and continuous bangs reverberated throughout the whole area.

The inside of the castellan's mansion was like a rumbling beast as thundering clamor resounded within the area. The sounds even reached the nearby mountains that then began to vibrate as a result.

Inevitably, the powerful sound waves led to the collapse of the entire gate. A loud explosion then followed as numerous buildings and pavilions also began to crack and collapse one by one.

The whole place looked like it was struck by a hurricane. Flowers and trees were all snapped in the middle, or even pulled up completely. The slates were destroyed by the explosion, and the ground had shown some wide cracks.

"AAAAH! AAAAH! AAAAH..." Excruciating screams could be heard all over.

Most of the warriors inside the mansion who had rather lower cultivation bases had been severely injured. The sound waves had affected them severely as they all started to spew blood from their mouths.

It was even worse for those whose cultivation bases were below the Master Realm. They became deaf and their minds went completely blank. They lost their consciousness in the next moment and collapsed on the ground!

Austin's howl was like the wrath of God. He was angered by the people inside the mansion that he decided to punish them with booming thunder.

"What the hell? I didn't expect that the Roaring Blast burst could be so powerful!"

Even Austin himself was shocked by the immense power of his own howl.

It was the first time he had used the demonic skill Roaring Blast after acquiring his demonic avatar.

He never thought he had such incredible power!

The Roaring Blast decimated the entire mansion.

For a brief moment, a deafening silence fell on the entire mansion and even the entire Mysterious Sky City.

The mansion had been rendered speechless, petrified in shock by the sudden turn of events. Everything happened so fast that they all needed a moment to take in

ld easily defeat tens of thousands of warriors all at once.

His body was slender, or even a bit lean, but the dreadful aura he exuded was very frightening. It made all the people present feel deeply alarmed.

About a dozen seconds later, over twenty figures flew out of the mansion.

Soon, they landed near Austin.

They were led by an elderly man with white hair. Although he looked old, he emitted tremendous waves of vital energy force. As they surged throughout his body, he became stronger, as if the peak of his force was immeasurable.

He was none other than Tristan, whom Austin hated most at that moment.

As he looked at the heavy damage Austin did to the mansion, he was so enraged and almost burst out. But, still, he managed to hold his temper.

When he walked towards Austin, he was beaming.

"Austin! You're alive!

Good! Very good! It is a good thing for all of us.

I am so glad you are alive.

However you've destroyed the castellan mansion of the Mysterious Sky City to such an extent.

I think there may be some misunderstanding between us?

This Mysterious Sky City is the headquarters of the Southern Alliances Army, and the Southern Alliances Army represents an alliance of all warriors among the South Continent of the Prime Martial World.

The authority of the Southern Alliances Army is not something that can be trampled on easily.

Next time, you must be careful and promise me that you would never do such a thing again,"

Tristan said softly. There was a tone of politeness in his remarks. He was trying to make peace with Austin before he resorted to using brute force.

He was forced to show such a gesture because he was fully aware that Austin's combat power was just too terrifying. If he started the fight against Austin, he didn't have much confidence that he could defeat the young man.

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