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   Chapter 1360 Enter The Mysterious Sky City

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With the use of his spiritual sense, Austin heard what those cultivators said.


Those leaders of Southern Alliances Army are threatening my men?' Austin thought.

The leader these cultivators referred to was a white-haired man, the master of Semi-emperor Realm who was in command of the Southern Alliances Army.

Upon knowing how his men had been mistreated, Austin could no longer calm down. He felt his face redden as he balled his fists. His anger knew no bound.

'Damn it! I almost died fighting the demons.

Those men in charge of the Southern Alliances Army even intimidated my men while I was away.

Well, screw them! I knew I shouldn't have led my men here the other day. If I hadn't, all the human cultivators of Southern Alliances Army would have died at the hands of those demons.

But now, these ungrateful bastards planned to deal with us. Is this how they treat those who came to their rescue at critical moment?'

Austin clenched his jaw, boiling with untold anger. He tried to keep it in, controlling the madness and rage ready to get out. He closed his eyes and took a long, deep breath.

Finally, letting the rational part of him take over, he kept cursing the leaders of the Southern Alliances Army in his mind instead.

Suddenly, he heard Violet's and the gnome's curses ring out in his Soul Sea.

They, too, had been pissed off by such ungrateful behaviors.

After a while, Austin finally cooled down, allowing him to think more clearly.

He jumped up, ecstatic as he rationalized the plan he came up with.

"All right. They thought I'm dead so they intended to handle my army.

I'll disguise myself and sneak into the Mysterious Sky City to figure out those who have made a move against my men.

And then..." he paused, enjoying the satisfaction of the thought of getting back. "I'll finish them," Austin said as a wicked grin appeared on his face.

His eyes reflected the fire he felt and the determination he had for vengeance.

In a test of strength, at his current level, there was no one in the Southern Continent who could be on par with him. He knew this so well and he ought to use this to his advantage.

He started to consider his plan, taking it one step at a time until he was sure he could pull it through.

Since nothing and no one could pose a threat to him, he was ready to stir up big trouble in the Southern Alliances Army.

Although his plan was already turning into a something solid, he had to make sure no one could recognize him. So with the help of the Appearance-transforming Clothes, he p

e look in Austin's eyes, he felt a chill creep up his spine.

Remembering how Austin was in the war and how he killed all those demons, Earl couldn't help but be afraid. He couldn't even help shaking violently out of fear.

Fully aware that Austin was far stronger than him, he had no intention of resisting or running away.

He would do as Austin said and give him any information he wanted.

"My lord, I won't lie to you, I promise. I'll tell you everything you want to know. Please don't kill me.

My parents, my wife and my children need me,"

Earl Su pleaded, getting down on his knees.

Austin raised his eyebrows.

"Get up.

I won't hurt you as long as you answer my question honestly,"

he responded.

"Thank you, my lord. I'll tell you everything I know,"

Earl Su replied, nodding his head non-stop.

He filled Austin in on the things that happened in the Mysterious Sky City these past two days.

Fearing that Austin would get angry and strike him down, he shared Austin the events in detail.

Half an hour later, Austin knew what had happened in the Mysterious Sky City while he was gone.

'Lean tried to kill me and me only, so I left to keep my friends safe.

After that, they had another battle with the demon race.

Soon, two other armies of the Southern Alliances Army had been sent to the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom and they made it here just in time.

The human cultivators outnumbered the demons.

I had slain over thirty demon semi-emperors, so they only needed to take care of less than ten demon semi-emperors.

After the fierce fight, even though the night seemed to never end, the battle still did.

And the demons lost the war, ' Austin ruminated.

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