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   Chapter 1359 Breakthrough (Part Two)

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Adding both of those up, it had been two and a half days since Austin left the Mysterious Sky City.

"I wonder what the result of the battle in the Mysterious Sky City is.

Did the human warriors win or lose the fight?"

murmured Austin to himself while sitting inside the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot.

The battle in the Mysterious Sky City was a crucial one for both the human warriors in the South Continent as well as the demon race.

The result was sure to be of significant influence.

Austin was so anxious to know the result that he sped up towards his destination.

From the ground, the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot was barely visible as it fleeted across the sky above the South Continent like a tiny shooting star.

There were times when Austin lost his way due to the thick clouds in the sky and the far-stretching deserted lands below. But once he discerned the direction of the Mysterious Sky City, he headed towards that direction at once.

Another half a day passed by like this.

Finally, Austin could already make out the shadow of the Mysterious Sky City on the distant horizon.

When Austin was already seven or eight thousand kilometers away from the Mysterious Sky City, he stopped the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot and walked out of it.

He was so worried about the outcome of the battle that he couldn't wait anymore, so he activated his spiritual sense to see what was happening inside the city.

The moment he saw the Mysterious Sky City, he saw a city filled with chaos.

But as he got closer to the inside of the Mysterious Sky City, he saw many human warriors bustling to and from the city.

Other than that, there were also many human warriors outside the

matter how extraordinarily excellent Austin is, there's no way that he could have been able to escape the fatal attacks of an Emperor Realm opponent.

More than that, more than two days have passed since then, and none of us have heard anything about him.

It is pretty clear that Austin had been killed by the demon race ancestor.

Those guys from the A.L. Army? They will die because of their own stupid stubbornness."

All the other warriors nodded as if in agreement with the third warrior's words.

"In my opinion," a new voice joined, "Austin must be dead. There is no doubt in my mind about it. Otherwise, he would have come here to join the fight.

The A.L. Army is actually nothing. They rely too much on Austin, and it looks like the young man is the only person they are willing to rely on.

Now that Austin is dead, the A.L. army is ruined and useless. They are nothing more than a crowd of mindless mobs now. No one would be willing to help them. As an army, they are much less capable than the Southern Alliances Army.

They don't even have any Semi-emperor Realm warriors. What can they even do for us?"

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