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   Chapter 1357 Kill The Demon Race Ancestor

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"Screw you! You kept chasing me for such a long time!

Now, why don't you chase around me, huh?

Come on, I am right here!"

Both Austin and his demonic avatar attacked the demon race ancestor furiously.

Austin cursed. He was acting very arrogant as he kept assaulting.

The demon race ancestor began to be rejected by the power of space law of the Prime Martial World. Therefore, his power gradually weakened.

At the same time he was facing the ruthless attacks by Austin and the demonic avatar.

The demon race ancestor was hit brutally many times within a few seconds.

Not only was his body slammed by various demonic skills, but a great number of sharp sword-lights also were shot at him.

Soon, the demon race ancestor received many wounds on his body.

All this time, his power too was getting weaker and weaker.


Suddenly, a sword-light flashed and cut off one of the demon race ancestor's arms.


One of the three heads of the demon race ancestor was shattered.


Damn it!

Boy, you are really driving me to do this! You have no idea what I can do.

If I use this wisp of my demonic spiritual soul to take control of your body, it will cause extreme damage to the demonic spiritual sense energy of my actual body in another world.

However, with a little loss of my spiritual sense energy, I can destroy your spiritual soul!

You are a lowly human who is only at the Heaven Realm. It shows how weak you are, as your strength is in controlling a demon emperor's body and cultivating a high-level swordsmanship.

And speaking of spiritual sense energy, yours is far lesser than mine!"

the demon race ancestor shouted ferociously.

Austin was inflicting so much pain on him that it was driving him mad.

The next moment, his demonic spiritual soul rushed out of his body.


Just before Austin could react, the demonic spiritual soul broke into his Soul Sea.

The demonic spiritual soul was too fast so Austin was unable to avoid or escape the infiltration.

Moreover, the power of the demonic spiritual soul was more than Austin's spiritual sense.

Thus, Austin could not prevent it from intruding into his Soul Sea.

"Oh shit! This guy has got into my Soul Sea!"

This sudden move of the demon race ancestor had caught Austin off guard. He panicked.


The demonic spiritual soul had gone into Austin's Soul Sea.

As soon as he went in, his flying body fell onto the ground all of a sudden.

Then, it became a fist-sized sculpture with three heads and six arms.

It was just a wisp of the demonic spiritual soul of the demon race ancestor that had come to the Prime Martial World.

And his borrowed body was nothing more than a sculpture.

As his demonic spiritual soul had already left the bo

Austin was exultant.

"Well, I think that you still have a minute before you get to leave the Prime Martial World.

But in my opinion, you'll have no chance to leave at all! I won't give you any chance to leave as you won't live for another minute.

You are about to die!"

Austin shouted with anger.


Austin used the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship skill to attack Lean again.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

Hundreds of leaves of the spiritual tree swirled around Lean, and blocked all his ways of escape!


At the center of the Soul Sea, surging waves raged high and slammed against Lean.

In a few minutes, Lean got into a muddle and was being constantly hit.

"No! Stop!

This is the weakest moment for this wisp of my demonic spiritual soul.

I am really done in!

No. Let me go. I want to leave this lowly world!"

Lean cried out with hopelessness and subdued anger.

However, it was too late. About ten seconds later, Lean had been shot more than a dozen times. He slowly started fading away.

"That's how you get paid by Austin. Go to hell!"

exclaimed Austin, coldly staring at the debilitated state of Lean.

The next moment, it made Austin's intentions clear. He wasn't going to show any mercy or consideration to Lean.

Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

Hundreds of leaves of the spiritual tree collected around Lean and wrapped him completely.

"Ugh! How dare you destroy my demonic spiritual soul! This is not the end, Austin. I will come back!"

Lean let out the last cry. Finally, he was cut off by the spiritual tree and turned into a large amount of pure spiritual soul energy.

"Yeah! I did it!

Finally, I managed to kill this terrible guy!"

As he saw Lean being destroyed by the spiritual tree, Austin's body and mind relaxed completely. He was at peace and ready for the next adventure.

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