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   Chapter 1356 Twenty-four Hours Later

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The sound of buzzing filled the air. Hundreds of thousands of demon bees rose like a huge black cloud at the horizon. They rushed ahead and instantly encircled the demon race ancestor.

Countless demon bees stung the demon race ancestor. Some were stuck directly above his surface of his skin, while some managed to gnaw through it. Many strong demon bees had been able to pierce through it all and went straight for his flesh and blood.

'The power of demonic skills can be immensely strong!'

Austin was enlightened as he saw the demon bees in action.

"Hmm! Tricks!"

The demon race ancestor commented scornfully.

Suddenly, the evil aura surrounding his body converted into black flames, as if it was burning up.

The flames crackled as they kept flickering to and fro.

In these dark flames, all the demon bees began to burn and explode. It was like someone was frying beans. A strong smell of barbecued meat spread around.

A few moments later, most of them got burnt to death by the dark flames.

The demon race ancestor laughed and spoke in a mocking tone. "Brat, why do you keep running away?

Hmm! I wasted a few hours in searching you.

You will regret what you have done today!"

The demon race ancestor focused his evil eyes on Austin with a homicidal intent. He even licked the corners of his mouth with his tongue in anticipation. The motivation of killing Austin was easily detected. His gestures reflected how eager he was to kill Austin.

Austin noticed that all the demon bees had been burnt to death now. He couldn't help but feel pity for those creatures.

It looked like the demon race ancestor easily avoided being hurt by the Poisonous Bee Attack. It didn't harm him much, rather it only affected him a little.

But, Austin's demonic avatar had already practiced fourteen kinds of demonic skills during the past hours!

If every demonic skill could distract and disturb the demon race ancestor for a few seconds, it would be enough.

Austin felt it would give him enough time to flee away from death.


Austin's demonic avatar was discharged out of his body.

"Soul-devouring Beast Attack!"

"Phantoms Transposition!"

"Demon Punch Attack!"

Austin activated his demonic skills one by one.

Fourteen kinds of demonic skills had been grilled out from those fourteen demon semi-emperors by Austin in the City model.

Each demonic skill had extraordinary power.

Carefully but quickly, those demonic skills were being activated one by one.

They couldn't hurt the demon race ancestor severely.

But, they could keep him at bay for some time.

"Argh! Damn it! How did you practice so many demonic skills?"

The demon race ancestor was fed up by the attacks made by Austin's avatar so

y time!"

Austin used the Diabolic Flashing Skill and made fun of demon race ancestor at the same time.

Well, twenty-four hours were almost over.

Austin thought he was safe and felt extremely relaxed.

Suddenly, he heard the demon race ancestor speak in a dejected tone.

"Damn, my energy has started diminishing! It has started repelling the world.

I'm going to be teleported away now!"

The demon race ancestor's body was being wrapped up by a force of space.

His body slowly became transparent.

"Time is up!"

Austin stopped running and could not stop rejoicing at his luck.

He watched the process.

He saw how the demon race ancestor's body was enclosed by the force of space.

Suddenly, something struck him.

He started wondering at the scene before his eyes. 'What is happening? What is the matter? His power is becoming weaker and weaker.

Oh! Let me think. Is he at his weakest when he's about to be teleported from the Prime Martial World?

Well, then it's the right time to kill him!'

Austin quickly made up his mind and decided to show no mercy to him.

"Damn! It's time to counterattack!"

Austin roared as he prepared for the attack.

Rumble! Austin was exhilarated to be able to attack the demon race ancestor at a time when he would be at the weakest state.

Austin summoned the demonic avatar and it started to attack the demon race ancestor crazily.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop! Both Austin and his demonic avatar started a full-fledged assault on the demon race ancestor.

Austin continuously used the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship.


Damn! You coward! You decide to attack me at this very moment!

Damn you!"

Demon race ancestor swore as he was bombarded several times by Austin and the demonic avatar. He could not do anything except burst out a hissing roar.

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