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   Chapter 1355 I Will Continue To Play With You

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"It's you, Austin!"

Fourteen demon semi-emperors immediately turned their heads and fixed their cold gaze at Austin.

Their eyes were filled with anger and spite. They were so shocked that Austin had the audacity to show himself in front of them all like a proud king.

"How are you doing here, guys?

I do hope that you are doing just fine here."

Austin smugly grilled them with a smirk on his face. He was definitely enjoying the moment.

"Why did you trap us in here, Austin? What is it that you want from us? Do you really think we are afraid from the likes of you?" one of the demon semi-emperors snarled as his sharp teeth glistened.

He was so angry that he could easily tear anyone to shreds.

"Just wait and see. You'll know soon enough," Austin replied with a sneer.

The next instant, Austin suddenly grabbed a demon semi-emperor by the collar. He was so strong that he was able to pull him up with just one hand, choking him at the same time.

He communicated with the City model, and in a blink of an eye, Austin was on another street with the demon semi-emperor by his hands.

"Now, I need you to tell me how to practice the demonic skill you have mastered," Austin said, menacingly.

Austin tossed the demon semi-emperor on the ground at the same time. He fell flat on his face.

"Not a chance."

The demon semi-emperor snarled back at Austin's words, and tried to escape.

"Oh, is that so?" Austin responded with an evil grin.

Austin then decided to force the demon to answer his demand by torturing him with whatever cruel method he could think of.

Austin was already experienced in interrogating a lot of demons into telling him how they practiced their demonic skills. He did have a lot of methods and he had never failed not even once in getting the information that he wanted. That was why he was very confident that he could break this demon as well.

He made the demon semi-emperor suffer from pain and he tortured his demonic spiritual soul endlessly.

Even though the demons were fierce and bullheaded, Austin knew exactly their weakness. And it was just the same with any human being.

Just like humans, these demons were afraid of death. They valued their lives so much that they would certainly do anything to survive.

After a while, the demon semi-emperor eventually gave out the method of cultivating the demonic skill he was good at. He couldn't endure Austin's tortures any longer.

Without a second to lose, Austin's demonic avatar started to practice the demonic skill—Poisonous Bee Attack immediately.

Apparently, to practice such a demonic skill, one needed to put a young demonic bee larva in him.

Next, he needed to use some arcane spell to create a hundred thousand demonic bees whic


he murmured, his beastly eyes carefully scanning all the sand.

Out of the blue, he suddenly burst into laughter.

"I finally got it!" he gushed.

"I forgot all about the sand.

That brat's magic treasure could change its size, and was now the size of a single grain of sand.

Most spatial magic treasures have this kind of special function.

How could I forget that?

That human brat flew towards this place and disappeared. Apparently, he did it on purpose! He ran into the desert in order to hide his presence completely.

That's why he came here in the first place. Because this area is filled with sand.

His spatial magic treasure must have transformed itself into a grain of sand and simply camouflaged itself among the grains of sand.

He must have fooled others with this cheap trick.

But he can't fool me," he speculated.

An idea suddenly popped in his mind.

"I can use my demonic spiritual soul to check each sand particle.

Once I find one grain of sand that is different from others, then you are definitely dead.


With a wave of his hand, all the sand lined up and flew in front of him.

He unleashed his demonic spiritual soul to observe and check the sand.

An hour later, he laughed wildly.

"I see. I finally found it,"

he muttered proudly as he pointed at one grain of sand through the distance.

As he was about to get that grain of sand, a shadow flashed in front of him and it was none other than Austin.


"Seriously? I thought that I have hidden so well, and you still spotted me.

All right, I'll continue to play with you if that's what you really want,"

Austin said confidently.

He suddenly activated the Poisonous Bee Attack.

With a wave of his hand, hundreds of thousands of demonic bees swarmed towards the demon and surrounded him.

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