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   Chapter 1354 Escape Into The City Model

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Swoosh! Swoosh! A blinding light...

Austin tried his best to run away while using the Diabolic Flashing Skill. He used every power in his body and focused his mind on the daunting task.

After a few breaths, his figure appeared successfully more than 10, 0000 meters away.


This guy is really hard to defeat!

Okay. I don't think I have a choice here. It seems that I have to use my trump card. Otherwise, I cannot kill him!"

Behind him, the demon race ancestor was riding a giant demonic dragon. He seemed impatient and followed Austin relentlessly.

It looked like the giant demonic dragon was catching up on him.


It is a desert!'

Austin, helped by his spiritual sense, saw that there was actually a vast desert, a dozen kilometers away from him.

Surprised and overjoyed, he could not believe his eyes and tried to run faster.

Prior to this, Austin left the Mysterious Sky City. He transported himself instantly without choosing any direction. Now, he had no idea where he was at all.

He never expected to see a desert!

'Good. That is exactly what I need right now.'

Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the blink of an eye, Austin prompted the Diabolic Flashing Skill many times without stopping. He held his breath in excitement.

He soon came to the sky just above the desert.

A heat wave came upon Austin. The power from the desert surrounded his entire being.


Austin did not hesitate. He closed his eyes and fell to the ground from the sky. While he was falling, his vital energy force burst out of his body and rotated in front of him like a beam of light. The rotating vital energy force enveloped his entire body. In an instant his whole body entered into the sand and disappeared without a trace.


Ha! Ha!"

The demon race ancestor came to the sky above the desert in just a split-second.

His demonic spiritual soul sensed that Austin had gone to the sand of the desert.

He laughed wildly, unable to control himself.

"Stinker, don't be so stupid! Do you really think I cannot find you if you hide yourself in the sand like a rat?

You idiot!

My demonic spiritual soul is much stronger than yours!"

The demon race ancestor laughed loudly and the laughter echoed in the desert.

However, things did not go as he expected.

He was too late. Austin had already disappeared.

'What? How can this be possible?

Why can't I sense the stinker? How can he disappear that fast? I cannot detect him at all?'

In an instant, Austin was completely gone. The demon race ancestor was puzzled. His face fell and his cruel eyes looked on in confusion.

He searched the sand layer carefully with the help of his demonic spiritual soul.

But Austin had already disappeared like magic.

Confused, the demon race ancestor searched the entire area below him. But he could not find even the faintest aura from Austin. He could only shake his head in frustration.

The truth was, when A

like the time when he was badly hurt when he was in the Sword Treasure-house. There would no way he could have escaped death.

After having swallowed the Magic Sea Water, his entire body recovered completely. His spirit was now in top condition.

Because of this sudden burst of power on his spiritual sense, Austin perceived a dozen of figures inside the City model.

They were the fourteen demon semi-emperors who were badly injured and almost dead.

Austin did not kill them on purpose when he fought against them previously. He found out that they all had good demonic skills.

'Well, if we're going to talk about strength, my demonic avatar should be stronger than the demon emperor.

The demon race ancestor does not seem to own much more demonic energy compared to my demonic avatar.

But his secret advantage is in his demonic skills, which are really powerful. This is why he can defeat my demonic avatar easily.

Now that I have captured fourteen demon semi-emperors, I can force them to tell me the demonic skills they have practiced. Then I can practice and master them one by one.

This way, my demonic avatar can learn as many as fourteen new demonic skills. It will be a great improvement on my skills.

Even if it cannot defeat the demon race ancestor easily, it will give me more defense power. It will at least give me more chance of being able to defeat him, '

Austin was contemplating quickly in his mind.

He knew that all the demonic skills that the fourteen demon semi-emperors learned were much stronger than the three demonic skills that his demonic avatar had practiced.

If only Austin's demonic avatar could absorb all the demonic skills of the fourteen demon semi-emperors, his fighting ability would improve greatly.

"Great! Now it is the best time to do that!"

Austin quickly moved and rushed to the street where the fourteen demon semi-emperors were lying. The latter ones were unaware of what was going to happen.

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