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   Chapter 1353 Hunting (Part Two)

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But Austin soon felt the air behind his head stir violently. This was not good news. The noise was becoming louder and louder.

He peeped back and caught sight of a black figure not far behind him. It darted towards him, like a black spear, at a fast pace. With its lightning speed, the vast distance of hundreds of thousands of meters, which separated them, was gradually shortened in the blink of an eye.

Austin heard something dashing in his direction a few meters behind him.

He swiftly dodged aside just in time to avoid the incoming attack.

'Damn it! He's coming already. Can't he simply leave me alone?

He would seriously not stop until he kills me! What a stubborn old man.

He is so close that I can even sense his breath!

He is definitely one scary enemy.

I've exerted my Diabolic Flashing Skill to this extreme. Each leap can cover as far as over fifty thousand meters in distance.

This is the most extraordinary speed I can do under such circumstances, an impossible feat during normal moments.

Despite of that, he will soon overtake me. His speed is seriously much faster than mine. And he is able to launch attacks at me in spite of the tremendous amount of energy he must exert in order to achieve that speed.'

Austin ran desperately with his all that he had as he murmured secretly in his heart.

He suddenly heard a loud wave of wind passed by him.

The demon race ancestor had sped up as well.

He was already closing in on Austin and would soon overtake him.

The distance between them shortened inch by inch every second that passed by.

"Surrender, sniveling human boy!

There's no way you can possibly escape from me again. Stop wasting your energy and accept your death already.

No matter what you do, your fate will never change. So, stop struggling already. I might give you a quick and painless death if you do!"

sneered the demon race ancestor in an arrogant manner. Although Austin only caught some of his words clearly, he understood perfectly well the gist of the old man.

"Stupid human! You dare ignore me? Then have a taste of my giant demon soldier!"

said the demon race ancestor angrily in response to Austin's disrespectful behavior.

The air around them stirred and changed dramatically as soon as the demon race ancestral god finished speaking.

A shadow of the demon ancestor, several meters high, appeared right before Austin all of a sudden. It had three heads and six arms, and stood on two huge wheels burning with black flames and seethed with thick waves of smoke. It held a forked spear emitting fire in each of

ipped through his heart. He was already shaking and sweating in fear.

But a great idea suddenly struck him.

Austin thought of the City model in his pocket.

His spiritual sense had just been at the Astral Realm level when he obtained the City model.

As far as Austin could remember at that time, the City model could only be useful in isolating itself from the spiritual sense of other warriors below the Astral Realm level.

But as his spiritual sense grew stronger and stronger, Austin realized that he had made a mistake in arriving at such a conclusion.

Currently, Austin was almost close to the Semi-Holy Realm level in terms of spiritual sense.

He discovered, to his utter surprise, that the City model now could even shut down the Semi-holy Realm warriors. It was impossible for them to sense anything with their spiritual sense once Austin hid inside the model.

So he became puzzled and wondered to what extent could the City model protect itself from the spiritual sense of other warriors. This thought remains to be a mystery.

Austin thought of the City model under such a pressing situation because he could not think of any other way to escape unscathed.

"God help me. I have no other choice but to try this, whether it would work or not. But I have to find a sandy area and hide the City model among the rocks. God knows whether the demonic bastard will find it or not. I just need to have faith.

I'll think of another way to escape from him if this doesn't work."

Austin made his decision despite of his doubts. But it was either this or got killed by the psychotic demon race ancestor.

What else could he do under such a circumstance?

It was one hell of a risk he was willing to take.

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