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   Chapter 1352 Hunting (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7451

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"Your speed simply blew my mind. You can seriously move fast!

You must have trained so hard in order to achieve that speed. In terms of the current level of your vital energy, you have accomplished something in just a short amount of time that no ordinary people could possibly achieve.

Keep up that pace and resilience to practice, and you will definitely grow into a capable warrior some day in the future. I am definitely sure about it.

But sadly, I don't think that will ever happen because you unfortunately ran into me here today. This is your unlucky day.

I'm actually glad that I have this opportunity to kill a very talented warrior and sever his opportunity to grow stronger. It just feels thrilling and satisfying to watch a skilled warrior die by my hands."

The demon race ancestor stood on the gigantic head of the demonic dragon as he spoke in a very chilly but composed manner. Despite the fact that his words were quite psychotic, he looked so at ease as if he were only speaking casually to a friend rather than an enemy.


The demon race ancestor suddenly blurted an incantation as he pointed one of his fingers at Austin.


The ear-piercing noise came from a huge black iron-like cage which suddenly dropped from the heaven. The cage was unlike anything they had ever seen before. It was made out of pure strong demonic energy, and each of its bars was as thick as a human's arm. It fell straight down on Austin and imprisoned him inside.

Weird symbols in the shape of dragons flashed on the surface of the black bars of the cage. The images on the cage seemed very odd and archaic. The symbols clearly predated to an age which was beyond Austin's knowledge. And he could sense a malignant aura which emanated from those symbols that glistened like crystals.

In the next instant, Austin couldn't move his body and even his blood stopped flowing. It felt as if he was frozen in time, during that specific moment when the time itself stopped moving. He tried moving his toes and inched forward, but it was all in vain. He could not move at all and was trapped with no way to escape!

The power of the demon race ancestor's demonic skill stunned Austin. It was way bey

r all, he used to be one of the members in the Heaven Claimer tribe.

So, he had every reason to be furious at the sight of one of the Heaven Claimer demon emperor being manipulated by a mere human boy. Even his eyes were blazed with contempt.

Despite of his volatile emotion, he was well aware that this was not the place nor time for him to burn in anger. His top priority was to chase and kill the enemy once and for all.

He stamped his foot hard and the gigantic demonic dragon under his feet immediately wiggled its body. It turned and flew at full speed towards the direction which Austin ran to.

It flew so fast that powerful whirlwinds suddenly came out of nowhere on its path.

Strong gush of air filled both ears of the dragon and that of its master as it flew.

Austin spared all his energy from running away with the use of his Diabolic Flashing Skill. He was already hundreds of thousands of meters away from the area in just a few heartbeats.

He was, of course, far away from the Mysterious Sky City at that time.

The mighty force which the demon race ancestor exhibited gave him a start and frightened him to the core. He was even shaking in fear.

Austin dared not linger any further in the vicinity of the Mysterious Sky City, and gave it his all to escape as fast as he possibly could.

Waves of demonic energy seethed and rolled wildly in his demonic avatar. He had to burn his demonic energy as much as he could in order to speed himself up.

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