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   Chapter 1351 The Power Of The Emperor Realm

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Everyone stared at Austin in astonishment.

The ancestor of the demon race came down from the sky and showed himself in a weird manner.

He repeated that he was far better than the people of the Prime Martial World. He claimed that he came from a much superior dimension while the Primal Martial world was nothing but an inferior and underdeveloped trash world.

Aside from what he claimed, he also exuded extremely formidable shafts of demon aura as deep as the sea.

All the semi-emperors, both humans and the demons, were rendered immobile by this terrifying aura.

However, Austin was different. He bravely challenged this ancestor. He talked to him with pride and arrogance.

All of a sudden, the ancestor roared with laughter as he looked at Austin.

"You're so interesting and so arrogant. But I like you," he said mockingly.


Human kid, let me teach you a lesson.

Only powerful warriors have the right to be arrogant.

If you're weak, you'll get nothing but death.

You're good and young. Even those semi-emperors couldn't defeat you.

I guess that's why you're not afraid of anything.

Let me tell you something. This wisp of my soul that descended to your inferior dimension is very powerful. Its strength is much stronger than the Emperor Realm warrior.

In addition to that, my advanced fighting techniques and demonic skills, which I practiced and mastered in my more superior dimension, are much better than yours.

Do you really think that this wisp of my soul can't kill you?"

The demon race ancestor was calm as he explained all this to Austin despite the latter's earlier arrogant remarks.

He wasn't angry, instead, he was amused.

He never considered Austin as a real threat. He was very confident that he could easily squash him like an ant underneath his boot.

A god would never be angered by a mere ant. Austin's ignorance amused rather than annoyed him.

His mocking remarks were heard clearly by everyone.

They were all stunned with what they just heard.

This wisp of soul alone had the strength equal to a cultivator in the Emperor Realm!

Aside from the fact that he had already mastered different skills, the demon race ancestor even learned multiple advanced fighting techniques and demonic skills in another more superior dimension. And his wisp of

roared with great excitement.

All of a sudden, in front of the ancestor appeared a pitch-dark demon dragon two or three thousand meters long and several hundred meters thick. This demon dragon was made of pure and intense evil aura.

The demon dragon's enormous body nearly took up half of the sky, sending chills to everyone present, including Austin.

It reached out its right front talon and gripped Austin's sword-light effortlessly.


With no resistance at all, the sword-light exploded. So did the dragon's front paw.

Both heaven and earth shook from the loud explosion.

Austin was taken aback and overwhelmed by the effect.

Never before had his Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship been stopped by anyone or anything.

The only thing his sword was able to do was to blast the dragon's talon off its arm.

To Austin's great disappointment, however, the dragon's front talon regenerated instantly.

He had to be quick.

He hastily performed his Diabolic Flashing Skill and disappeared. In the blink of an eye, he was more than 40 kilometers away outside of the Mysterious Sky City.

He realized that his opponent was too strong and that there was no way he'd be able to defeat him, for now.

"Trying to escape? No way,"

the ancestor roared with eerie laughter.

He immediately mounted the giant dragon.

"Go after him,"

he ordered. The dragon quickly obeyed and took off to the sky faster than lightning. It crossed over a distance of 40 kilometers in the blink of an eye and appeared behind Austin.

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