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   Chapter 1350 Demon Ancestor

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A rumbling noise could be heard within the demon's statue.

To everyone's astonishment, the demon's statue quickly grew taller and larger in scale.

In a matter of moments, the ornate and menacing statue was ten meters tall.

The demon in command and the three demon semi-emperors standing next to him were mesmerized at the imposing statue. They were all amazed at the statue's sudden increase in size.

Afterwards, a dense and dark cloud of evil aura spewed from the tall statue, covering its immediate surroundings with thick and heavy smog.

Basking under the astonished gazes of the humans and demons, the statue began morphing its already imposing figure once more.

From a towering statue, it molded itself into a large demon with three ferocious heads and six muscular arms in the flesh.

All the human cultivators and demons were frozen in terror as they bore witness to the towering demon.

Its presence was so immense and frightening that both opposing forces halted their advances towards one another.

"Where am I?

Who has summoned me? Is the Heaven Claimer tribe in need of my power yet again?"

the towering demon asked in his booming voice as he stretched his enormous arms and surveyed the immediate surroundings.

"My ancestor,"

the demon in command of troops answered, still in awe and kneeling before the immense ancestor demon.

"I see. You're a descendant of the Heaven Claimer tribe.

I, too, came from that tribe.

Although I haven't returned to that god-forsaken place for what it feels like an eternity, the blood that runs through these veins are still that of the Heaven Claimer tribe.

Now that you summoned a wisp of my soul, you must want me to do something for you.

Be quick with your request. What is it that you want?

I haven't forgotten my promise that I will grant one request for you each time you summon me.

However, if you have more than one request, I'll be take my leave immediately,"

the demon with three heads and six arms bluntly declared to his kneeling servant.

Nothing in the area drew the demon's attention as he was observing as far as his menacing eyes could see.

"Thank you.

I hope you can help me

tin would respond this way.

With a sigh, he said, "You're right.

You're stronger than us now. If we try to lend you a hand, we will only hold you back.

But it's best that you withdraw for now, Austin.

You stand no chance against that towering behemoth."

Godwin didn't blame him for being rude because he knew that Austin was trying to protect him.

"Rest easy. I won't die by that demon's hands,"

Austin assured them.

"Boy, you have far too much confidence in your skills.

I can end your life easily without batting an eye. You're as weak as an ant to me.

Talking to you is a waste of my time.

Now I'll send you to hell!" the demon ancestor said mockingly while looking at Austin.

The demon clearly did not take Austin as a serious threat.

Following this, the demon unleashed such an overwhelmingly powerful demonic energy.

The whole battlefield fell silent as the two armies marveled at the display of immense power.

Suddenly, a voice broke the silence.

"Screw you!

Who the hell do you think you are?

Do you think you're better than others just because you're from some superior world?

You say that ending me is a piece of cake?

Seriously? Shouldn't you flap your gums after you take me out?

I call your bluff, you big oaf.

I can destroy you effortlessly, "

Austin defiantly snarled at the demon ancestor.

'Does he have any idea what he is doing?'

The battlefield sunk in dead silence again.

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