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   Chapter 1349 Ancestor Statue

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Austin's next target was a demon who was at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm. He had a hairy face, and looked like a monkey.

The demon was one of those demon semi-emperors who had been pursuing Austin. But he hadn't been able to get to Austin as he wasn't good at bodily movement skills.

Aware that he couldn't keep up with Austin, he gave up the idea of hunting him down and decided to handle another human cultivator at the Semi-emperor Realm.

Neither he nor the human cultivator could get the upper hand.

"Soul-devouring Beast Attack!" the demon at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm howled.

Thick, evil aura emanated from the middle of his eyebrows. It started to collect like a black cloud.

Suddenly, the evil aura took the shape of a small, ugly diabolic beast.

Making some weird cries, the diabolic beast pounced at the human cultivator of the Semi-emperor Realm.

The cultivator of the Semi-emperor Realm got flustered instantly, because he noticed that the diabolic beast was aiming at his Soul Sea.

He was at a loss and didn't know what to do, as he hadn't expected the diabolic beast would attack his Soul Sea.

His spiritual soul trembled due to the sound made by the beast.

Since his soul had got disturbed, he couldn't use his complete power to defend himself.

"Ha-ha! You're a dead man!"

The demon semi-emperor laughed haughtily as he launched fierce attacks on the Semi-emperor Realm cultivator.

The diabolic beast was steadily approaching the human cultivator's head.

Despair started devouring the Semi-emperor Realm cultivator as the diabolic beast kept getting closer and closer.

'Once this diabolic beast breaks into my Soul Sea, I will get killed, ' he thought.


A misty sword-light flashed as it moved towards the demon semi-emperor.

"Shit! You again, you brat!"

the demon semi-emperor howled furiously, taken aback by the flashing sword-light.

On seeing the sword-light, he planned to dodge it, but he failed as it moved too fast.

His eyes widened in shock as the sword-light struck his body.

He ended

hing could be heard except for their echoing voice.

It seemed like something was awakened by their song.

All of a sudden, the sky turned dark and people couldn't see things in front of them.


A fist-sized black thing came out from the leader's body and soared into the sky.

Using his spiritual sense, Austin found out that the mysterious thing was a demon's statue.

The statue had three heads and six arms with three fiendish faces.

The demon in charge burst into laughter.

"Austin, I took this Ancestor Statue and keep it always with me in case any emergency happens.

I avoid using it because it can only work twice.

But now I have to use it to get rid of you.

You should feel lucky that you could see this statue. Now, you can die without any regrets," he spoke with a sinister look on his face.

As soon as the demon finished his words, a circular column of black light showed up.

The next minute, the light began to dazzle on the statue.

A formidable aura was emitted by the statue. It was scary enough to frighten all the human cultivators and demons.

'This is bad! These demons really have got something powerful to use as back up, '

Austin thought with furrowed eyebrows.

The demon who led the troops laughed wildly again.

"I bet, now you regret messing with us, don't you?

But it's too late. You must die!" he said in a firm tone.

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