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   Chapter 1348 This Demonic Skill Is So Cool

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8097

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"Come on, guys, let's end this bastard's life quickly!"

A dozen demon semi-emperors simultaneously began charging towards Austin.

They became aware that their victory in the war depended on whether they could slay the young man.

The demons were convinced that eliminating Austin was their one and only chance of winning the war for their race.

At this point, all the human cultivators and demons had recovered from being stunned following Austin's showcase of power.

"Ha-ha. We will not lose the war.


the white-haired elder of the Semi-emperor Realm snarled, gesturing the other cultivators to fight their enemies.

He was delighted and astonished to see Austin slaughter a dozen demon semi-emperors in such a short time. Austin's performance renewed his hope for winning the war.

"Kill them all!"

All the members of the Southern Alliances Army pulled themselves together and rushed towards the troops of the demon race.

"Kill these demons!"

the queen instructed the remaining forces with determination beaming from her magnificent face.

A shadow appeared over her head and released the violent evil energy to attack the demons.

After witnessing Austin slay many demon semi-emperors, the members of the A.L. Army began to rally and increase their overall morale.

As the queen signaled to them to press forward, they charged towards their enemies with vigor and might.


The two forces fiercely fought once again.

"I'm going to kill you, you little bastards!"

Godwin howled as he engaged the demons.

A deafening explosion occurred out of the blue.

"Boom! Boom!"

The ground cracked and energy columns ascended into the sky from the cracks like yellow dragons.

These energy columns darted towards the demons.

In an instant, more than two thousands demons were torn into a million pieces.

"That's the Earth-energy Manipulating Skill!" Austin exclaimed, gazing at the energy columns.

His eyes lit up.

Godwin used the Earth-energy Manipulating Skill, one of the techniques in the Earth Formula. Austin practiced this skill several times, but Godwin had a better command of this martial skill than he did.

"You're digging your own grave!"

A demon semi-emperor came at Godwin and the two of them began clashing their weapons fiercely.

Just like Godwin, this demon also reached the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

Using his spiri

It can kill many people in a short time,"

Austin muttered in excitement, staring at those black bees.

In a flash, he landed right beside the demon who was at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm.


I finally found you.

You're dead."

The demon semi-emperor spotted Austin immediately thanks to his exceptionally strong demonic spiritual soul.

He shouted loudly, and all the demon bees flew towards Austin.

"Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!"

Hundreds of thousands of black demon bees quickly surrounded Austin from all angles.

Austin was taken aback by the dark swarm encompassing him.

He then summoned the level 4 sword domain which formed a sword domain around him. Numerous streaks of sword aura in the domain effectively took out some of the deadly bees.

"I will take care of you,"

Austin snorted coldly.

He then unleashed the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship.

"Swoosh!" A sword of spiritual sense dashed towards the demon semi-emperor.

"You son of a bitch!"

the demon cursed, as he knew his end was about to come swiftly.

A series of sharp sounds echoed through the air.

Countless holes permeated the demon's body, and blood gushed out from the wounds.


The demon semi-emperor was severely injured.

His wounds were too deep and he was gasping his last breath.

Austin concentrated his mind, and the dying demon was transported into the City model.

"Oh! That demonic skill also looks amazing.

All right, you're my next target," Austin murmured.

He was attracted to another demonic skill another demon semi-emperor was displaying.

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